It is with great pride and amazement that I’m the one to announce that Pencliff blog has 1000+ wordpress followers now. I remember when Pencliff only had 100+ followers, and I’m amazed at how far we’ve gotten since then. We have grown so much and so has our reader-base. Thank you for all 2300+ comments! We […]

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The technology is evolving everyday and we are changing the smartphones as and when there is new product hit the market. And why not we try new mail apps for your purpose? Here we will share few of the best apps that you might want to touch base of your need. Gmail One of […]

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We all are fascinated by new apps everyday and still there is a chance that we may miss some of the best apps for our phones. Google , the creator of the Android OS and the top search engine in the world has some of the best apps we must give try. Gmail One of […]

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Initially, I wanted to discuss the idea of God and related questions but everyday I come across stuff that are so much pathetic. India is a secular country – the preamble of our constitution itself states that. But recently as a result of the political upheaval of RSS and simultaneously Hindutva in India, particularly targeting […]

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