Do you count the likes or the comments?

Do you like the comments or the likes for a post? and how do you measure if your writing has reached the intended people?

Share your thoughts in the comment.

What makes you to read a post?

Share in comment what makes you to read a post.

Does the title make you read or the favorite blogger?

How to reblog a post?

Dear friends, many of you might be knowing it and many would be interested to do so and will be thinking it’s a kind a techie task.

But , let me share a small tip how to make is possible.

Step 1: Go to the post you want to reblog

For example: Go to this site :

And you would be absolutely getting no option to reblog any post, isn’t?

Step 2: Click on the title you would like to reblog like

step 3: you would see a reblog button beside the like button.

step 4: select the blog name where you want to publish it( if you are an author in many blogs you will get a list bix)

sthen submit, that’s it.

refer the below link for more details



Promote your blog-Free!

Leave a link to your best post on your blog and get viewed from more readers…promote for free and reblog if you are interested to get more readers!

A blog with a cause : by Naiem Ur Rehman

I loved reading the blog from Naiem Ur Rehman

His words are wise and his writings really makes on inspired, he has a good quality content making people comfortable with his words.

He takes us through all walks of life and pens down about the pains and social issues. He has the sense of humanity more on his words and really a pleasure reading.

I would like to give 4.7/5 rating, with the reason of being I am a poet and I would expect him to write more on that genre!

Happy blogging friend!

Thank you my Indian readers!

My fellow Indian readers make me everyday pleased by visiting my blog, I am honored to have you guys and please continue the support and stay blessed!

This is the way to get more readers and likes

Ok, let me tell you this secret if you have not been told before. How to get more audience? How to get some comments? How to get more likes?

No, I don’t bother of all these. Well, that’s fine.
For the people who really wants the world to read their work and who don’t write personal diary on WordPress, I have something to share.
These techniques worked well for me, and I hope this will help you too.

1. If you want someone to read your work, you read other’s work as well and comment on them.
2. Don’t write something that depress others.
3. Don’t write more than few hundred words. I don’t like to read a 1000+ words of post.
4. Always write as a reader.

Enough for today,will share more ideas in next post.

The top 10 reasons why do I blog

Hey, do you like to know why do I blog?

Some of you may not be interested to know ..But some of you might find it useful.

  1.  To connect with like minded people
  2.  To show off my writings to the world
  3.  Hoping to become a better writer by time
  4.  It’s a fun to post and been criticized
  5. At least to inspire one among you
  6. Of course, it’s free to publish and I am happy 🙂
  7. Gives me opportunity to explore new things
  8. Of course I like to read a lot
  9. To improve my writing skill, I feel my writings will get improved
  10. To help the people to grow if I can support through writings

I have many more…but these are top in list..and hope you will have some points to share we will love it to hear!

Wanna be freeblogging author?

I wanna start a new blog where I would like to have bloggers from around the world who can share the same blog to write on.
I wish I could get a blogger from every possible source like Literature, Travel, Social Issues, Politics, Relationship etc..

If you are interested please comment below, and suggest a name to the blog, we would be group of people writing from different streams of life.

you will share the blog as author with other people and making everyone participate.

I will start the blog at least we have 5 people. Please comment below if you are interested?

What if I ought to be the God of this world a day

Interesting? Yup.

This is a crazy idea though, I don’t mind posting here!

I just want to do these things in the world if it happen to be!

  • I will let everyone/ every creature on the earth fly on the universe for a day and it depends on them to return to earth.If they don’t return in a day, they can never return here. You can fly to Mars, Moon or anywhere, you don’t need any special arrangements. Just you think in your mind, where you want to go and you will be there.
  • I will remove all the religions on the earth! Sounds good, because I am the God, everyone knows whom they are talking about.
  • I will show the heaven and hell to everyone.
  • I will perish the evil people into ashes.
  • I will make the rich as poor and the poor as rich.
  • I will make all the weapons to be hidden or wipe out in a moment and make the people to forget how to make it again.
  • I will erase few of the  inventions from the earth.
  • I will turn all women into men, and men into women!

What will you do? Share me….I am interested to know which you like in these points 😛