I am Back after a break

Dear blog friends, due to personal commitments and super busy schedule I could not make this blog running for a while and now I feel I must continue writing to make me ease with the stress and to fight with the load I bear.

I believe you friends will keep supporting and thanks for supporting for all the while when I was away from writing.

I hope all you are doing great.

Wish you a very happy new year

Dear Readers and followers of AP.. It has a been a fantastic year 2018 and we are entering into a new bag full of dream filled 2019.
I wish you all a very happy new year and a great blogging year. It was indeed a happy year filled with fantastic writers and friends around the globe. I believe we will find new talents and fabulous people in forthcoming days.
Wish you all a happy new year and happy blogging!!

Learned Today

True friends are rare and handle them with care!

A review of the blog the Zinormous Canvas

I am extremely happy to introduce my blogger friend Ria thru her blog “The Zionormous Canvas”. She is a lovely human being, a painter and a poetess! And most importantly she is a Potterhead girl 🙂

She writes about mostly on the topic of life & relationship. As said she publishes her own sketches and an amazing painter. Not limited to these hobbies but she clicks the nature as and when she starts gazing with her camera.

I would recommend you guys to give a visit to her blog https://thezinormouscanvas.wordpress.com/.

She has the potential of writing in any topic and will expect more on life,love,relationships, friendship, and nature..

I would like to give 4.5/5 as my rating to her blog!!


Happy blogging Ria.

Why do I write and read poems?

We all tend to have taste of reading something like Thriller, Comedy , Adventure, Erotic, Romance and so on. And my taste of reading poems does really mean a lot to me.

First of all , the poetry is an absolute form of writing which makes the reader to get a conclusion as he expects. We have not to read for hours and to know the story of the book.

It just makes us feel the point rather going around the bush like a story.

I don’t like to write in pages of what I want to say, and that makes to put in poems and I feel that makes me write in quicker possible way I can.

Share me if you too like writing poetry.

Why don’t I get more readers or likes? #2

Have you ever seen a blog with rich content of information been overlooked?. There are many blogs…
As I mentioned in the last post I would like to mention few more things which will help some of you during the course of my blogging

#3 Don’t get offended of criticism and comments

Don’t ever feel and let the critics affect your self respect, try to cope up with the comments and move on.

#4 Write as a reader of your content

Always have the feeling of a reader while completing the content rather putting all your thoughts to the reader. Be concise and straight to the point.

#5 Don’t write for pages and split into posts

As said earlier keep it less than 100 words. This will make the reader to read it and if the content is more, split into a new post.

will continue to share…….

Do you feel something missing in WordPress?

Dear blogging friends, we all have been blogging around for a while some for fun, some as a hobby and some with serious note.. do you guys feel if we miss something in wordpress that you would like to have? and what may be the nice to have while you blog?

share your thoughts in the comments…

Why don’t I get more readers or likes? #1

Have you ever seen a blog with rich content of information been overlooked?. There are many blogs…
I would like to mention few things which will help some of you during the course of my blogging.

#1 Have some information to the readers

By this I mean to say, your posts should not vague of a result and mere sentences of vocabulary.

Keep is short and straight to the matter of content. I have seen an ample of blogs with just mere words of expressions, posts with no head and tail..

#2  Don’t keep more images or videos on the blog

Yes, if you keep more images or upload more images the page loading takes time, and the readers have no time to wait for the blog.

This is why most of the blogs have no likes for each post. clear off the old images and take a back up on your disk if you have enough on the blog.

The page loading differs from country to country  because of low  bandwidth. So you can’t reach or may loose few good readers.

will continue to share…….

if you want to add more or anything share in comment below..

How to block a blogger from reading your work?

Have ever wondered and wanted to know how to block an annoying blogger from reading your work? or You ever wanted to stop reading work from that blogger?

This internet of virtual world creates millions of opportunities to find such a sole culprits at times commenting negative thoughts.
I will give the steps to block such user from annoying you ever unless he/she creates a new blog with different email.

1. Block the user from WordPress Reader

Just click the 3 dots against the blog post in Reader as in the picture below and you will get the Block this site option. And Yay!! you blocked him/her  and doing so their posts will never come up in your reader. Also remember unfollow the blog!!



2. Block from Commenting

Still the blogger can you read your work, but you can’t read his work anymore by doing in Step 1. But you wanna him/ her commenting on your blog, right?

Go to My Sites > Settings and you see a text box to enter the mail id from that user, you can get the mail id from the previous comments he/she made. Check your mail box for the notifications mails.

Also you can enter his/her IP address, this also can be seen in the previously commented mail notifications.

If you don’t wanna confuse of all these things, just enter her/his blog address in the box,,Yay! He will never able to read your work!!



3. OMG! Still theat stalker somehow read my work

Oh Don’t worry there is another way of getting rid of that fucker!

Just go to My sites > People > Followers ( on the right side top) and you will see option to remove that follower and you will never be seen on his Reader!



These are the few ways to control the follower and his activities from your end. And if he does know your blog URL and open in a new browser without logging in to the WordPress he/she will be able to read the blog and comment using different mail id.

You can block list the mail id as in the step 2, and also try blocking IP , that will permanently block the user from accessing from own PC/ smartphones. If at all he uses a new phone/PC his IP will be blocked!!

Also remember if someone’s comments are annoying  in nature, just mark is spam!! and he /she will be sent to spam directly..never bother about it.

If anyone knows a better way to block the users, just comment below!


Happy blogging all!




Blogger Interview : Foolchund Saahil

Foolchund Saahil is a writer and literature graduate and has written lovely poems on his blog youngwritersandpoets, also he is a Author & Communications Manager at Virtual Library blog
Can you tell readers about yourself and your blog?
                              Hello everyone! This is my first time participating in an interview. My sincere thanks to Alien Poet for this chance. I am Foolchund Saahil, a young Mauritian poet and writer of 19 years, who will pursue a B.A. in English at University. I started writing seriously at the age of 18 and as far as I remember, it was in the month of September, some time before my A-Level examinations. I know, it was just not the right time but as everyone fervently claims, writing is like a psychotherapy. It just the soothes the stressful state of mind, especially in those dark times. I am a proficient bilingual writer penning down the poetic feelings in both French and English.
If you told me blogging before December of last year, I would shake my head in disbelief. I had vague notions of this world. But since, I learned a lot of new things and befriended quite a number of enthusiast bloggers. The blog Young Writers and Poets is an opportunity for the talents it houses a means to get recognition and appraisal. We publish poetry, short stories and reviews on the blog.
What inspired you to start the blog?
                               Rather for me, it’s whom. As I knew little of this world, it was rather a good friend and guide of mine who introduced me to this world. Young Writers and Poets was a collectively administered blog until our rupture. She gave up on blogging due to a lack of time and her busy work scheme. She was also disappointed with the way things were going.
How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?
                            Actually, I am fond of procrastination, that’s why, sometimes so I do not keep track of my active period though I regularly check my blog stats. Writing even online is time-consuming. Thus, it varies. I may post once in a blue moon. However, I am making efforts to mend my laziness.
I maintain a friendly and cordial relation with my readers. If I have some time, we may engage in a good conversation even short ones. I like good company. Communication with writers is essential. I love knowing about the different horizons across this immense blogosphere; culture and story of writers.
What do you do in your spare time?
                              If we include computer games, reading, writing and watching my favourite manga and serials. I am currently trying to finish reading J.M.G. LeClezio’s work, Le Chercheur D’Or/The Prospector, a magnificent window on my country’s history.
Would you encourage other people to start their blog?
                           If you have time to write and share and possess the strength to bear the ups and downs of the blog stats, do not fear to get in circle. If you are a rising voice in the world of writing, you will definitely get the support of a large writing community. It will take time to grow, but you’ll be surrounded by great people and acquire great experiences.
Is Blogging your profession or hobby?
                       It is a hobby; one which I really enjoy doing.
What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?
                     Points I noted while blogging all this time:
Regular posting, especially timed ones; when your followers know when you are going to post, you have more chance.
Follow back. Become the reader and leave comments behind on the posts you visited as often as you can.
Teamwork brings more followers. team spirit will help you grow.
Award Posts. If you are nominated for a particular award like the Sunshine Blogger Award, create your award post. They can attract new followers and readers.
When you see zero visits/views on your stats, do not panic. Keep up with your writing pace. If you are writing is good, then, readers will be automatically attracted.
Do you have any special goals for the rest of the year?
                      Not really if it is to continue my studies and maintain a good health with regular practice of exercises.