Say it once

Sing with me in the air,
Breathe the air I sang for you,
Drink with me the water,
That I shed as tears for you,
Hold me on your chest,
Caress my hair with your nails,
Say in my ear, you love me once,
Say it aloud, you love me once.

Poems she wanted

Sonnets I wrote by day,
She wanted my lips to recite,
As I pause a hush of words,
She hold the breathe a while;
I continued chanting the lines,
She craved till the dawn,
Till the sun sets in the West,
We were singing along,
My pen carried oozing over,
The blood and pain it had,
Till her womb filled with my,
Pleasure and poems of fantasy;
She will carry the baby I sowed,
My pen fell on the floor,
The last drop is missing her.
Before it will drain out and dry,
Will she return to read my sonnet?

He never understood her and the God

That’s really sucking his mind, since the days she flown away of his sight. He believed her words are meant to be worth of human beings. But those were just mere words of giving a head to road.
The words she uttered were just a pair of shoes she wore. She was with him until her womb filled with those creams of his virility. The moment she realised he is in need of refilling the wallet, her ass started looking for a better jerk.
It all happened at one point of time, he and she wont be together. There is nothing called true love or the heavenly pleasure until those orgasms are devastated.
He understood betrayal is nothing but a chance of enjoying the better moment of life without hers.
He gone for it, he betrayed her, he found the life he lost in her. He found the moment of happiness that she forgot to give him. She created the chance of betraying her. Now she feels sorry from the bottom of her heart.

He will continue to write..


hands together,
couples walk along the brim,
of the life.

Learned Today

Only girls can murder the friendship of a guy without biding adieu and prior notice.

Strings of the heart

Breaking the relationship,
Not easy as we think,
Bonds are knitted together,
By the unknown strings of-
The hearts and woven like
The clouds under the sky,
Not easy as we think.

Learned today

Unsatisfied woman is the greatest disease of a man.

We walk under pleasure

Pumpkin face would be yours,
While kissing with cheers,
Blushing paints the lust,
With the feathers of thirst,

While feeding my breakfast,
Your fingers nourish my heart,
Our kids playing in under bed,
we are sinking in pleasure crest,

Walking under those neem trees,
showering with those white flowers,
We die and born again for ages,
Let our love grow above the skies,

Baby, come under my arm,
Forget those moments of solitude,
Let, those eyes closed,
We gonna live the moments together.