The smile of a wife

Happiness fills
looking at his every smile
Watching him sleep through the night
Every movements of his
Fill my life with a smile
Waking up next to him in the morning light
I embrace everyday with a whole new light

A broken mirror

The memories she shared,
Shattered into pieces,
The moment she divulged,
The fake heart of love;
I looked into mirror,
It’s showing my broken heart.

Heavenly twin

those beautiful stars he created,

glittering a million light years from you,

lovely protostars of your eyes.

The unforgettable moment

Every moment shared with you,

The words I spoke to you,

The steps we taken together,

Lasted long as we been together,

You let it and I longed for it ,

to happen again and again,

And this Bid adieu, the farewell,

that you gestured in your negligence,

pains longer the moments we shared.

The smile that stole my heart

The eyes throw the spears of rays,
Into the heart and to the thoughts,
I feel like blessed by a gentle breeze,
Flying high to the crest of peace,
Feel like looking your eyes , for days,
Heart fallen upon the feet of your cute smile,
I wish I could see it forever.

Save the nails

Save thy mighty finger nails,

and tune the love anthem every night,

the plectrum of my spinal cord.

Learned Today

Marry the one whom you love or the one who loves you, or else meet the suffering of your life.

I am a sinner

Sinner of the heart and soul,

I let it go from my hand,

I found it within  my darkness,

As a glittering star afar,

Tried to touch it with my sinned hands,

Fingers got burned,

Bones burned to ashes,

Soul wanders on the universe,

To reach the star that I can’t touch,

Alas, I am a sinned soul,

She enlightens my love as a star,

And shows my path to the hell,

What can I ask you , O God,

The sinned heart wont ever touch the feet,

Of the star, as she smiles far away.

If we are destined to meet

No matter who forbid our eyes,

Destiny never ends without us,

Eyes not blinded as we live far away,

Pain and pleasure,the twins of life,

Fate and soul , the twins of love,

We are crossing the banks of fate,

With the tears of our four eyes.

Don’t fail in love

We study and we write,
We are given with a flying colour,
We work and we earn,
We are ready to live as couple,
We make the love and we reap the child,
We forgot the love we shared before,
And we failed in love.