Save animals: veterinary doctors fuck the cows to get milk

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Does the title sound little nasty? I wish it should sound more than that.

Where are we heading and where our modern technology development leads to? Are we really living in a modern civilized society?

Are we really destroying the nature for the comfort of our life? These are the questions we should care about. Are these animal care takers have no real pussy on the earth to fuck?

Are they lost the taste of a human pussy and desperate enough to insert the sperm into the animal’s pussy just to milk them?

There is nothing wrong in being hard to the inhuman act of the people around. If not about the world, I being an Indian should care about the cows,as we worship them as one among our family. Do they have not any feelings to mate a right partner? Are they machines making the milk and proteins for your babies?

Why we forbid them mating a bull and fertilized by nature? Who the hell are we to insert the semen into their pussies?

If we continue this to follow, we will be in trouble of seeing bulls on the earth. Because this type of fertilization methods will have no need of a bull to mate any cow. And that will make a rare seen to see them in near future.

Above all if we human can’t stop fucking a woman or man, if we can’t stop caressing a pussy or penis,if we can’t stop sucking the nipples and fuck in thousands of positions , we have no rights of stopping an animal mating a right partner, we have no rights of inserting our hands into their pussies.

Please be human and respect their feelings too.

Spread the natural breeding of animals, let them enjoy the pleasure what the nature has offered them.

Will continue to write more on this..