How to live at peace

We all struggle to live up in peace with the surrounding restless world.
There is no peace anywhere, we gotta run in the race of life, to live with the people around you.
If we stop for a day we are at most extinct state of being and we will end up in mess.
So what can we do to keep in peace of mind and life.

#1. Do What makes you happy
#2. Listen to your heart not the people around you
#3. Be alone and feel yourself and love thyself
#4. Empathize with people around but don’t fall in prey
#5. Do meditate your thoughts

A new day begins


Stains left on the heart

Stories written on the way

-Leave it on the street!


Life is built by the bricks of failure.



Child yaks at duty,

Mother India have a nice sleep,

Tears in my eyes.

You are not alone

The life and struggle,
The hunger and thirst,
The wealth and health,
The success and failures,
Have not left you alone,
Those left this world,
Those yet to come,
Been destined to serve,
This life of journey,
You are one in this army.

Learned Today

True friends are rare, and handle them with care.