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Worst Paymasters : Indian IT companies

OK, Who is the world’s worst paymaster? And which country?

Obviously it’s the Indian companies. Most of the software service customers are from US , Latin Americas and Europe. The billing per hour per resource varies from 15$- 80$. Typically the rates are charged as below,

Project Manager – $40 to $80
Business Analyst – $35 to $60
Technical Architect – $30 to $50
Team Lead – $20 to $35
Developers – $15 to $40

There are many parameters that define this rate.The rate varies between offshore and onsite resources, though the work is the same.Other parameter are the skill-sets(niche skill resources are charged with much higher rates),experience level, Fixed Price or T&M etc.

This looks fine, and let us see why Indian Cos are said to be paying worst paymasters?

Let’s take an example of the Developer who is say 5 years experienced Java Developer. And he might be quoted for 35$ per hour. So his total income for a day is : 8*35 = 280$. Monthly he might get 6160$ (22 working days per month*280).

And the truth is that the same developer is paid around <= 1100$ monthly depending on the company. Where is that remaining 5000$ gone? This is how the companies are showing a big digits on their balance sheets and  they call themselves as million $ company / billion $ company.

Not only Indian Paymasters, but there are few other poor masters around the world. Can you share who are those other poor paymasters and where they stand?