The fingers I hold

Little fingers I hold on my hand,
lifted my dying soul from the abyss,

Little eyes I adore to gaze,
awoken the sleeping senses to life,

Little gauzy lips of your mouth,
shocked those sensitive parts of me,

Little legs those danced the floor,
pranced on my heels and ankles,

Little tongue that you out now and then,
caressed my heart till lust last forever,

Little brows those tickled those ears,
you let it continue again now,

Till I hold those little fingers,
until we walk the way to the tomb.



You in me,

Me in you,

We lost us.

Osculated Haiku

Four lips become three,

Line of curvature in the middle,

Your lip, the last line.

Searching for the love

I dig deep into the soul,
Searching the hidden treasures,

Of your love and the heal-
My heart longs for days,

Manhood impedes womanhood,
While eyes are docking the sight,

We scour every night,
Still we left with no clues,

Our hunting for the love,
Will continue till the death.