Dress me up

I am wearing Adam’s dress tonight,
The Eve of your evening,
Dress me up like a twisted band,
I don’t like the clothes,
But ashamed of being naked,
Come close, embrace my skin,
Without any man made clothes,
Dress me up with the body,
That you carry my heart,
Heat me as I shiver in cold,
Give me a tight hug as I tuck,
My head in your chest,touch me,
Teach me, lessons not learnt,
Songs never heard I want to moan,
Play as much as you want,
I will make those drops haunt.

His Raving Eyes – a duet

This is my first duet with ritikapeace an amazing poet and a writer.
Thanks ritikapeace for your time.

The gasps in his eyes
Were blinking in deep.
Whirls in the brain,
Storming the carmines,

Your beauty of wine,
Drowning deep me in thoughts,
Like a soaked honey date,
Sweetening my tongue to red.

My eyes checking you
Hope you don’t recognise.
Oh! do.
The reflectors near porch
Don’t show my side eyes.
Oh! do.

I glide my eyes through you,
Letting it flow like a breeze,
Sigh. Oh , thee lord Brahma,
You created while dreaming beauty.

Breakthrough oh glass this strangeness
This diaphragm feeling controlled breaths
I’m getting high.
Come on now oh placidity
Ruin me up in your eyes
I’m getting now high.

It’s just us


The scent of your hair,
Drags me from very far,
I caress it like a winter breeze,
You snuggle into my arms,
I hug you like a newborn,
You sneeze the heat onto my chest,
I want the warmth of our skins,
Until drop you from my hand,
To the bed,
I feel like flying over you,
Tell me you want me now.

Flick the Flowers

Frosted feathery flowers,

Fingers fierce the fervent flappers,

Flies on the florets.

Osculated Haiku

Four lips become three,

Line of curvature in the middle,

Your lip, the last line.

Feelings are bleeding

Bleeding through the veins,
drained heart gasps for the air,
those you feed on the lips,
the life forces I tasted in love bites,
making my body flowing in air,
swimming on the clouds,
I try to touch,
those little fingers,
reminds me the tickles,
every node on my chest,
under the arms,
of the hips, along the shoulders,
reminds me, still I am living here.

Gaze through the eyes

Let the rays of your eyes,
Steal the love hidden under-
The layer of thy heart,

Scan the flesh,
Print the picture,
Find the nerve-
Where the love flows,
From the bottom to the head.

Make a cord,
Play the music,
Fly in dream,
Let us make love under the moon.

Cool wind

Those flittering feathers of the cool wind,
Flowing like a breeze of the beach,
Passing my silky soft skin,
I’m enjoying the heaven on the earth,
Those raving waves of my quirky mind,
Accelerated towards those moments of us,
I look at the sky,
Beaming rays of the moonlight,
Tearing those bodies of the clouds,
Falling on my eyes,
Feel a thousand orgasms of my life.


A night of full moon,
Riverside walking hands in hand,
Her voice echoes the ebbs and bows,
Tides are weaving with her words,
We walk along the endless river,
Moon light follows our footpath,
Our shadows walk in front of us.

I listen her voice,
She let me enter my words,
Slowly to unleash the hidden secretions,
Under the unbuttoned pleasure point,
She feels the flow of eargasm,
Through the words I utter.

Heaven on the earth exists,
When you realise the shadows;

My shadow hidden into her,
Her shadow falls on the earth,
While the moon blush the moments,
Clouds are closing her eyes.

Pleasure rains

Ravish tongue rides the valley,
Between two mountains of bosoms,
His fingers are in action.