How to win friends and influence people?

This is just a brief summary of the book of 
Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People

Indeed this is a must read book for anyone who wanna build up a great people around. I read this book some 15 years ago and I still feel the freshness and it helped me a lot to grow as a happy man. So I just feel to share this with you guys.

  1. Be genuinely interested in other people. And never show your hatred to them
  2. Be a good listener of other person. This really works well, let him talk and then you start.
  3. Respect other person’s interests and opinions
  4. Be truthful to others and accept your mistakes
  5. Be sympathetic with other’s ideas
  6. Try to thank the other person and make him feel important 
  7. Never get into a hot discussion or argument and try avoiding it
  8. Give honest appreciation and comments

Time never sleeps


It’s you who slept,

And you let it go,

-Are you sure, does it sleep?

Depends where you stop!

Not where you start,

It matters where you stop.

-Never get down the ladder!

My heart speaks


They laughed at you.

If you climb the ladder,

-They are sitting below you!

Learned Today

Life is built by the bricks of failures.

Chase the life before it ends here

Mist in the air condensed to droplets,

Scattered drops of water on the leaves,

The streams on the rocks,

Formed the path to the falls,

Lead a flow of life,

Rivers on the veins of the earth,

Towards the ocean,

Does it matter where she born?

She wants to hand with him,

Unravelled  coalescence of love,

The nature taught us for years,

Chase the life before it ends here.