Nights are warm

Nights she laid beside me,
Heated the nerves and blood,
Breathe exhausted like burnt gasoline,
She scintillated the rhythm,
When her boobs caressed the skin,

I have not left alone any place,
On my body, her tongues glistened –
Like a snow dew falling a tip of leave.
She moved her fingers and it’s
Showing me a melancholy played in nerves.

I laid like a bridge over a stream,
She flows like a water underneath,
Prick of pleasure ploughing her cherry,
Before seeding her desire,
We are breaking the bed.

His Raving Eyes – a duet

This is my first duet with ritikapeace an amazing poet and a writer.
Thanks ritikapeace for your time.

The gasps in his eyes
Were blinking in deep.
Whirls in the brain,
Storming the carmines,

Your beauty of wine,
Drowning deep me in thoughts,
Like a soaked honey date,
Sweetening my tongue to red.

My eyes checking you
Hope you don’t recognise.
Oh! do.
The reflectors near porch
Don’t show my side eyes.
Oh! do.

I glide my eyes through you,
Letting it flow like a breeze,
Sigh. Oh , thee lord Brahma,
You created while dreaming beauty.

Breakthrough oh glass this strangeness
This diaphragm feeling controlled breaths
I’m getting high.
Come on now oh placidity
Ruin me up in your eyes
I’m getting now high.

It’s just us


The scent of your hair,
Drags me from very far,
I caress it like a winter breeze,
You snuggle into my arms,
I hug you like a newborn,
You sneeze the heat onto my chest,
I want the warmth of our skins,
Until drop you from my hand,
To the bed,
I feel like flying over you,
Tell me you want me now.

The fingers I hold

Little fingers I hold on my hand,
lifted my dying soul from the abyss,

Little eyes I adore to gaze,
awoken the sleeping senses to life,

Little gauzy lips of your mouth,
shocked those sensitive parts of me,

Little legs those danced the floor,
pranced on my heels and ankles,

Little tongue that you out now and then,
caressed my heart till lust last forever,

Little brows those tickled those ears,
you let it continue again now,

Till I hold those little fingers,
until we walk the way to the tomb.

She asked me to write…


A poem about her,

I wrote thousands of,

-But, She won the game!

The smile that stole my heart

The eyes throw the spears of rays,
Into the heart and to the thoughts,
I feel like blessed by a gentle breeze,
Flying high to the crest of peace,
Feel like looking your eyes , for days,
Heart fallen upon the feet of your cute smile,
I wish I could see it forever.

Pleasure between the limbs

Little flower of pink roses,
Bloomed at the maiden moment,
She is hiding like a kitty,
and plays the pleasure game;
My fingers try to glide-
The feathers like petals;
Not to hurt her beauty,
I feel the warmth of welcome,
Dews of honey exuding,
Under the fleecy scanty,
Enchanted view of the flower.