A blog with a cause : by Naiem Ur Rehman

I loved reading the blog from Naiem Ur Rehmanhttps://thenaiemsblog.wordpress.com/.

His words are wise and his writings really makes on inspired, he has a good quality content making people comfortable with his words.

He takes us through all walks of life and pens down about the pains and social issues. He has the sense of humanity more on his words and really a pleasure reading.

I would like to give 4.7/5 rating, with the reason of being I am a poet and I would expect him to write more on that genre!

Happy blogging friend!

Blogs are full of review shit

These days I would see most of the blogs are filled with reviews only. I feel there is not much of creativity and I could see review of fashion products , movies or books only.
This was not the case few years ago and it seems it lost the way now, or I don’t know if I only feel the feed is filled with such spam posts. Do you feel the same long time bloggers?

A beauty filled , multi faceted blog!

A multi faceted fashion blogger thatgirlArlene.

Very good looking and self hosted blog with 2000+ followers. She writes from Fashion to Travelling and Poetry.
Overall this is mostly for the fashion people, and it possess lot of product reviews and beauty tips.

My rating for this blog is 4.0/5.0 and Happy blogging you Arlene girl!!

A fully packed interesting blog!

You ever thought of having GK on your blog? and writing a wonderful short love stories? and Beautiful Quotes?

In my 7 years of blogging experience I ever encountered such a beautiful blog.
Yes I have a blogging follower who has a fully packed entertaining blog.

The blog name goes like BEAUTY _OF_ WRITING by Shreya Sukrity.

This blog will give the reader a fully entertaining feel and simply the best blog not to miss.

I will give 4.9/5.0 in my rating scale.

Happy blogging my friend!!