Learned Today

True friends are rare, and handle them with care.

A blog without ‘About’ page..

A blog without having any page like ‘About’ page is like a human naked. Doesn’t make me interesting to read those blog and what do you feel?

Bust up hurts not, but.

Breakup not hurts the heart,

but clogs the veins,exhales oxygen out

emblematize stigma of fake love.

WordPress lost the hype !!

I feel WP has lost the hype it had 4 years back…Not much read in blogging world.
There was a huge interaction and blogger read which has decreased sharply.

Do I only feel so or is it true? Can experienced bloggers comment below?

Re blogging – leave a comment

Would be pleased to reblog the posts of your blog if you can leave a comment below. I wish some of my readers will read your work too.

You can reblog this post thus helping your readers.


Clouds gathered for a walk,
Along the sky and sweating out,
The drops of rain water.

Pleasure rains

Ravish tongue rides the valley,
Between two mountains of bosoms,
His fingers are in action.