Nature tried to clothe,
the naked blue sky,
But it condensed to rain.

Trees are in tears

Rain stopped,

Tear drops fall from the leaves,

Trees are crying.

The Falls

The sky cried on the hills,

The hills empathized,

River of tears on the earth.

Quatrain Lips

The tender lips in rain,

Gasping the glance of your siren eyes,

Kissed, quatrain poetry of lips.

Under the umbrella

Thanks to the rain she said,
Under his arms, and palms,
He said thanks to the Goddess,
Rain has united, the skins,
Under his arms, and palms,

They never whiffed the scent,
Of their love, and skins,
Under the umbrella, they hatched,
The hidden eggs of love,
Thanks to the rain.


Clouds gathered for a walk,
Along the sky and sweating out,
The drops of rain water.