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Guys will not cry easily but while they shed those tears, it means a lot than you think of.

Thought of the day

Lawyers are the big culprits in finding flaws in laws.

Tell me the best Quote of Einstein?

We all like the genius of 20th Century, Scientist Einstein. And do you like any of his quote and what’s the best you feel and like to share?..

He is my favorite and role model I wanna be.
Why not me share a quote of him
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

I like this quote always and it makes me jump off from the pain when I do mistake.


Life is built by the bricks of failure.

Quote of the day

The ultimate foolishness of human being to believe that someone cares more than yourself.

Learned Today

Fools don’t know how to listen. Better shut your mouth up and say ‘I don’t know’.

The top 10 reasons why do I blog

Hey, do you like to know why do I blog?

Some of you may not be interested to know ..But some of you might find it useful.

  1.  To connect with like minded people
  2.  To show off my writings to the world
  3.  Hoping to become a better writer by time
  4.  It’s a fun to post and been criticized
  5. At least to inspire one among you
  6. Of course, it’s free to publish and I am happy 🙂
  7. Gives me opportunity to explore new things
  8. Of course I like to read a lot
  9. To improve my writing skill, I feel my writings will get improved
  10. To help the people to grow if I can support through writings

I have many more…but these are top in list..and hope you will have some points to share we will love it to hear!

Learned Today

Great sayings are quoted in few words.

Learned Today

When you are a rich, if you forget to remember that one of your ancestors was a poor then one of your descendant will be forced to be a poor.

Learned Today

When we are really not in need, a precious thing becomes useless even if offered at free.