Trench the poor,

Count the votes,

Volunteered slavery.


My Presidential Speech

You can shoot me if I am not,

What I supposed to be.

-I am a servant of my land!



Million signatures,

Attested leader of a country,

Voting rights used.

The Language Game of Indian Politicians

This post is just to clarify everyone that the mother tongue of every one on the earth has same privileges with other languages.

There is no “Mother Language of India” or “National Language of India”. There are 22 scheduled languages given official status. And English is considered as the administrative language.

So the English is considered to be the bridging string of south and north India. While the north Indian people come to south India and they expect the South Indians to speak in Hindi. How come a north Indian folk can expect a south Indian to speak him with in Hindi? that too on a south Indian’s native place. They cannot expect a Chinese or Japanese to speak in Hindi when a north Indian guy goes to China or Japan.

Next the politicians, just for their purpose of dirty politics they are keen in imposing the rule to make Hindi as the official language of India.Because they don’t know English or any local language of south India, and this way they can make more votes from the Hindi speaking people.

There are only 6 languages that have the classical status in India. They are Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada,Malayalam and Odia. Out of this six classical languages four of them are south Indian languages(Tamil, Telugu, Kannada,Malayalam) and why nobody is ready to learn any of the southern language when they are in South India?

Hindi is just having the official language status only in India and Fiji. Where as Tamil, the south Indian language is the official language of India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka , Mauritius and Reunion. And Tamil speaking people are living in 57 countries and many of the parliaments in the world allow to speak in Tamil . Why does none of the Indian politician give such importance to the Tamil language or any south Indian language?

Making such insignificant efforts to make the other people to learn Hindi or forcing Hindi as the official language, they should try to make some development to the country. They should concentrate on the social issues like poverty and rape cases that are reported daily.