What is a poem and how to write a good poem?

I am reading and writing poem for long time and I am kinda fan of John Keats, William Blake, Wordsworth, Shakespeare and so on.

I always wanted to adhere to the rule of Poetry and there are many poetry forms and I happen to see only few are holding to these rules.

I at times feel bored to read any poems in blog except few who are well in that writing.

I wanted to share what is really a poem and how to write a good poem.

Poems should be written in stanzas and lines that use rhythm to express feelings and idea. Poets should pay attention to the length , placement and grouping of lines and stanzas. We should not keep writing without an end to the poem.


How to write a good poem?

  1. Get the theme of the poem
  2. Split the theme  into many parts and make each part into stanzas
  3. There should be a relation to the above and below stanzas
  4. The reader at any point of time should be able to explain what the poem he has read till that point
  5. No matter how many lines you want to express but always split into grouping of words
  6. Try adding a rhyme if possible, it’ makes reader to continue reading.
  7. Don’t show your verbosity in the poem, you should use literature words wherever possible and not to full poem.
  8. Reader should be allowed to gasp between the stanzas,rather ending the poem with 100 lines.

I can write in next post, please share your thoughts how to write a good poem!