The war of hearts

Fighting furiously,

to be better half,

all the while of my life,

to the extend of the universe,

vividly portraying,

the lines of folklore,

hearts beating the rhythm,

of love.

Inhuman bastards of the earth

Thee, you inhuman being,

Born with silver spoon,

You invented the non-existent,

Discovered the hidden gems,

Glorified your crowns with own names,

Spilled the plate and spoon,

Till your stomach grown belly,

Stolen wealth of the people,

Lived under the umbrella of the kingdom,

Created poverty and war of food,

You created, you created the inhuman bastard,

Didn’t they live happily?

With nature and happiness,

Made them the runners of bread and water,

We curse you inhuman beings around!

Diamond -thee heart

Don’t love to leave me alone-
In the jungle of the aches,
Longing for the sweet breeze of your lips,
As a shadow of the autumn leaves-
Falling underneath my feet,
I am strangled-
In the jungle of the aches,
Waiting for the spring to return,
Will collect  the honey dews,
Hold it long for you-
In the jungle of the aches.

Lost to get it back

Lost the heart in you,

Chasing for your love, to get it,

Before the world ends forever.

Bust up hurts not, but.

Breakup not hurts the heart,

but clogs the veins,exhales oxygen out

emblematize stigma of fake love.

A spoiled brat of love

She thinks as I suppose,

Feels her heart as if beats,

Talks herself though not lunatic,

Walks her way to the edge of peak,

As if not spoiled brat of love,

Breathes hard in her words,

Hurting every corner of my heart,

The love in eyes,

Wanting of my lips and chest,

You cry every moment,

Every moment of your life,

For you, to feed of wanting,

I feel like leaving you there,

In the middle of the fire of your thoughts,

We have nothing to share.

She pierced an arrow

She pierces the arrow,

Drenching the heart in sorrow,

She smiles as if I like it,

Take the heart pieces,

Stitch into a cloth of dress,

As a sheath of my corpse.

Soul mates

Time and tides lave the shore,
Breathe and your name cleanse the soul,
we are not far away though,
the blood and flesh longs for the nieve
i born into thousand times naive,
O God,you made it wrong this time,
souls are not in physique,
wander the universe,
dwells in every atom of celestial body,
they speak no words, listen,
they whisper in every vibration of the universe,
O soul mates, thee need no body to travel.

If we are destined to meet

No matter who forbid our eyes,

Destiny never ends without us,

Eyes not blinded as we live far away,

Pain and pleasure,the twins of life,

Fate and soul , the twins of love,

We are crossing the banks of fate,

With the tears of our four eyes.

An adventure over the couch

Fingers prowling over the skin,
Place of pleasure underneath,
Every layer of cotton thread,

Eyes revelling hips and curves,
Nails unveils the hidden secrets,
Playing the guitar of your spine,

Sniffing your smelling pours,
Nose at its height of erection,
Sharing breathe in lips,

Force of action in progress,
Palms rubbing in blush,
United as a single soul.