Breeze caress the nerves,
Blood flows thro’ a happy pain,
Beats are high in feel,
while manliness enters the pleasure of heaven,
she squirting the drops of pearl,
while eyes are closed in dreams.

Life is beautiful

Beautiful life it is,
Expectations over God increases,
Over and over, day by day,
Our mood swaying away,
He gives what we deserve not desires,
We forget to observe and misperceive.
Think there’s one suffered more than you,
Not be excited when you are in excess,
there’s one offered more than your success.

Diamond -thee heart

Don’t love to leave me alone-
In the jungle of the aches,
Longing for the sweet breeze of your lips,
As a shadow of the autumn leaves-
Falling underneath my feet,
I am strangled-
In the jungle of the aches,
Waiting for the spring to return,
Will collect  the honey dews,
Hold it long for you-
In the jungle of the aches.

I am a sinner

Sinner of the heart and soul,

I let it go from my hand,

I found it within  my darkness,

As a glittering star afar,

Tried to touch it with my sinned hands,

Fingers got burned,

Bones burned to ashes,

Soul wanders on the universe,

To reach the star that I can’t touch,

Alas, I am a sinned soul,

She enlightens my love as a star,

And shows my path to the hell,

What can I ask you , O God,

The sinned heart wont ever touch the feet,

Of the star, as she smiles far away.

If we are destined to meet

No matter who forbid our eyes,

Destiny never ends without us,

Eyes not blinded as we live far away,

Pain and pleasure,the twins of life,

Fate and soul , the twins of love,

We are crossing the banks of fate,

With the tears of our four eyes.

She knows me

How to move the fingers across,
The chest and my lips,
to scintillate the sparks on nerves,
She’s a master of body art,
And we are in love.

Don’t fail in love

We study and we write,
We are given with a flying colour,
We work and we earn,
We are ready to live as couple,
We make the love and we reap the child,
We forgot the love we shared before,
And we failed in love.

The glittering stars


the stars and the moon,
the breeze and the lovely scent,
engulfed the whole room,
fainted bodies of us,
fell on each other’s arms,
we lost in the souls,
taking a warm shower,
in the droplets of sweating,
the night is not enough,
the whole life and days,
will continue to hold,
each other’s fists.

Beneath the bruise

Inches of scratches underneath
Of loin skin and the ache,
Shows me your human appetite.

Every night

We talk for hours,
Day and the whole night,
As the tomorrow never comes,
We start at early morning,
But the darkness won’t last long,
We start again the day,
Till every new day comes,
We love and text in ,
One day we will vanish in air,
Till then we continue to live,
The life and talks, chats and bites,
Kisses and hugs, oh my love.