Dress me up

I am wearing Adam’s dress tonight,
The Eve of your evening,
Dress me up like a twisted band,
I don’t like the clothes,
But ashamed of being naked,
Come close, embrace my skin,
Without any man made clothes,
Dress me up with the body,
That you carry my heart,
Heat me as I shiver in cold,
Give me a tight hug as I tuck,
My head in your chest,touch me,
Teach me, lessons not learnt,
Songs never heard I want to moan,
Play as much as you want,
I will make those drops haunt.

Pleasure between the limbs

Little flower of pink roses,
Bloomed at the maiden moment,
She is hiding like a kitty,
and plays the pleasure game;
My fingers try to glide-
The feathers like petals;
Not to hurt her beauty,
I feel the warmth of welcome,
Dews of honey exuding,
Under the fleecy scanty,
Enchanted view of the flower.