Not in the Heart


Get close to her breast,

Change the hearts, feel the heat,

Paid,returned, love not happened.

The Spasm

Divine feelings,

United strings,

Blossomed in a moment.

Music of the musings

Strings in the body,

Nerves intertwined,

Played with four hands.

Autumnal Annoyance


She shed each in turn,

Autumn look on her audacious body,

Seducing spring started.



You in me,

Me in you,

We lost us.



Thorns on the stem,

Plucked fingers bleeding its ecstasy,

Rose on my hands.

Weight in Heart


Love and lust,

You and me,

We are hiding pains.

Flute in Flesh


Air transferred through mouth,

Spinal cord, fingers around at places,

Rhythmic play of fleshes.

Souls are talking

Skins fused as moistened particles,

Numbed as souls immerse each,

Heart beats the cosmic rhythm,

Sinking deep into the cosmos,

Of exploring the life in space,

We know not if we,

Plant the new life,Or,

Already found a new one,

Still we are taking the space walk,

On the inner walls of the delicates,

An orgasmic travel of a new beginning.