History of a Friend


The news of a friend in paper,

A good friend as a book ,

Best friend as history in heart,

The Moon


Single moon on the sky,

Million moons on the earth,

Jailed in droplets of liquid.



He did it in purpose,

Created many colors,

Forgot to color the blood.

To Whom I Care


Left the soul and thought,

I save it as history in heart,

Until you come back here.


Trees are shedding their leaves,
Teasing the nature, and dancing in air,
Waiting for naked winter sleep.

Chase the life before it ends here

Mist in the air condensed to droplets,

Scattered drops of water on the leaves,

The streams on the rocks,

Formed the path to the falls,

Lead a flow of life,

Rivers on the veins of the earth,

Towards the ocean,

Does it matter where she born?

She wants to hand with him,

Unravelled  coalescence of love,

The nature taught us for years,

Chase the life before it ends here.

Let’s save the nature

We have been doing so much to destroy the nature, to annihilate every possible opportunity of the nature.Our thirst to conquer the nature and the God’s pursuit of creation has not ended. And it’s increasing everyday, we have stopped of vowing the greatness of the God,and we started taking over the task of his creations.

This has not just left us in a place for the living of our future. Instead we are left stranded, and creating a messed up place for our future generations.
Our future  generations are not going to be the way we are living today. Or they are not going to live the way we forsee now.
The concept of God will cease to persist. The feel of righteousness will be written in history, the modesty will have no meaning.
The difference of being humans will be a question of humans themselves.
We can’t do anything but we can leave the nature to live her as she was before. Shall we?

Acid Rain

How to strip the nature?
Man found the answer, emitted harmful gases,
Erasing every layer of skin.

Planet War For


Exploited, tortured, raped, thee earth

Made the plots in the planets,

Moron’s monocracy against the nature.

Divine eyes

Twin divine eyes are watching,
Mistakes of your burning hands can’t escape,
The sun and the moon.