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Nothing is permanent in this world if we expect it to be permanent in our life.

The Bountiful Nature – Save Trees

A Duet with a blogger friend Anamika about Mother nature and Trees!

Anamika's Blog

Dear fellow bloggers and readers, this beautiful poem was the result of a collaborative and cumulative effort with a dear friend Alienpoet and I take pleasure in thanking him for this joint effort. You can read his wonderful posts, which is a treat to any blogger at https://alienpoems.wordpress.com . For now enjoy a taste of both the world of Alienpoet and Anamika.


These trees dance like the carefree bees,
The flowers hanging like the stars,
As we follow the path the nature laid,
We stood against the silhouette of leaves..

As the wind careth the leaves,
They dance to the tune of the wind,
The nature showing the way,
To tread the path of the unknown bay.

We lean to learn the lessons of life,
As we advance the jungle, the cluster of trees and bees, teach us a lesson,
Trees never stop blooming the flowers,
Though bees suck the nectar…

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Shirtless shivering night,
While the sun goes far away,
Temperature cease to kill the earth.

Civil war: Suicide of mankind


Dear Politico, we are not fighting against-
The aliens of mankind;
but ourselves,
Polluting the mother nature by blood,
Make us feel raping the own siblings,
Rational mind is tortured to death,
We all throwing stones of our future,
It’s the hell we are building to rest.


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Trees are in tears

Rain stopped,

Tear drops fall from the leaves,

Trees are crying.



Caress the whole body,

Devour and regurgitate it,

Mood comes out of clouds.



Inefficacy of men’s flight,

Enslaved metal birds,

Banned wings fluttering.

Worst ever made

Men’s brain,

Worst product of the God,

Beauty of the nature ruined.

The Sun Quenched


Quenched everyday at sunset,

The sun comes alive in the east,

Seawater not boiled.