Breeze caress the nerves,
Blood flows thro’ a happy pain,
Beats are high in feel,
while manliness enters the pleasure of heaven,
she squirting the drops of pearl,
while eyes are closed in dreams.

Learned Today

We are born naked,we will die naked. Everything between these two is a comma.

Fighting for?


We born naked

Will go with bare body

-Fighting for what?



Rules are prudish,

Flying high above the sky,

Clothed while born?

Warm Blanket


Shed her leaves,

Silky skin of spicy tree,

Mango fruits hanging.



Tears on my eyes,

Stop peeling off the skin,

Naked onion in kitchen.

Body Painting


Stripped off, wants to hide,

Painting sculptors with brush,

A living statue on the road.