Know what she hath


The gleaming eyes of the Sun,

The glooming cheeks of the Moon,

The glittering red planet lips,

The feathery feet of Mercury,

The Aphrodite heart of Venus,

The jealous planet of Jupiter below waist,

The sadist Saturn on her chest,

The bluish Uranus on the eyebrows,

The nerves of  the Neptune in front,

Invisible to the naked eyes.

She is space and an angel,

She came like savior and lover,

She is truthful and living,

Yes, She is living on the Earth!

Mother’s Final Journey

Cried while I born,
Thought she abandoned me,
I cry now she is silent.


X part of me budding,
At the promise of love and affection,
Little flower smiling in womb.

Hold my finger

Every step you move on,

Before you tamper the prints, hold me

Baby, world is under feet.