Long Lusted Love

Embraced with  your hair,

Feeling warmth of my air,

You asked for more love!

Prison of Love

My body as a guitar,

While fingers are playing everywhere,

He enters inside me.

Thief of heart

She stole the dainty heart,
while the sun broke the dawn,
her eyes razed through the skin;
drilled the ribs along the chest,
took away on her own palm;
left my life stranded for days,
bring it back and animate me,
and we will love for the years.

Morning pride


Snow dews are hanging,
At the tip of every leaves,

Morning breeze of the spring,
Swaying from all directions,

As she enters to wake me up,
Her fingers feel the iced sticks,

She plays my spinal cord,
Like an old Egyptian harp,

As I enter in her soul,
Getting closer she can,

It’s not just making out,
The pride of the morning, but
We write new anthem of love.