A day to Moon – a duet #1

This is a first duet written in collaboration with Subbashini Meenakshi Sundaram

In search of peace
In search of freshness
In search of purity

Me: We walk to the moon,
Like a phoenix to the Sun,
Until we burn to ashes,

In search of wisdom
In search of true souls
As we spoiled our gifted earth

Me: We are in happy flight,
We are sure of plight,
We should walk there right.

Moon was not bright
It want us to smash our mask and be right
It blessed ‘ you can be as you like’

Me: Not easy as you think friend,
We are landing darkness of life,
Let the Sun enlighten with us Moon.

Black is beautiful

Blue in rise,

Orange in set,

Pearls in the black sky!



Caress the whole body,

Devour and regurgitate it,

Mood comes out of clouds.

The Moon


Single moon on the sky,

Million moons on the earth,

Jailed in droplets of liquid.

God is a Miser


Created many countries,

Races of people,

But,It’s the single sky.

Beach walk

Under the light of the full moon

Walking on the beach in your arms
Holding your hand tight
I want this moment to last every night

Being your moon and your moonlight
Like a star in the sky
You shine so bright

Being in your arms.
I can feel your warmth.
Looking at you all night
I fell in love with life

The sky

God’s ground for the game,

Of stars, planets, moons ,creatures and laws

To create, protect. and destroy.

Divine eyes

Twin divine eyes are watching,
Mistakes of your burning hands can’t escape,
The sun and the moon.

I want to live there

Want to live above the clouds,
Play with the fog of fresh air,
Want to touch the feet of the moon,
Kiss the fingers of the stars,
Want to hide the sun on my palm,
Hide under the blanket of the sky,

Want to enjoy every moment of life,
Under the carnal knowledge of nebulae,
Want to play with those baby stars,
Till my last breathe of my life.

Cool wind

Those flittering feathers of the cool wind,
Flowing like a breeze of the beach,
Passing my silky soft skin,
I’m enjoying the heaven on the earth,
Those raving waves of my quirky mind,
Accelerated towards those moments of us,
I look at the sky,
Beaming rays of the moonlight,
Tearing those bodies of the clouds,
Falling on my eyes,
Feel a thousand orgasms of my life.