Inhuman bastards of the earth

Thee, you inhuman being,

Born with silver spoon,

You invented the non-existent,

Discovered the hidden gems,

Glorified your crowns with own names,

Spilled the plate and spoon,

Till your stomach grown belly,

Stolen wealth of the people,

Lived under the umbrella of the kingdom,

Created poverty and war of food,

You created, you created the inhuman bastard,

Didn’t they live happily?

With nature and happiness,

Made them the runners of bread and water,

We curse you inhuman beings around!

If I were offered to change my past and future..

Hey friends this gonna be a weird question, but I would like to know how many of you like to do this.
If you were offered to change your future or your past, what you would like to change? Just share your thoughts and I believe that gonna be very interesting.
Some of you might like to change your girl friend or boy friend..
Some of you even would like to change your wife..
Some of you might be interested to change your sex..
Why do not I change my name?
Why do not I change my country?
The list goes on..
But you might have something interesting to share with us.. Don’t you?

Learned Today

People define a good person as the one who tolerate all the hell on the earth.