Save the nails

Save thy mighty finger nails,

and tune the love anthem every night,

the plectrum of my spinal cord.

Every man is a murder of a love

Every love that failed to live a long,
Leaves a pain in the hearts of men,
We fall in chance and dance along,
I cherished the days of being swain,
all our stories ends with a pain;
moments we shared under every sigh,
brings up a joy in a drizzling rain;
And we lost of being a perfect match;

We loved under every tree in the park,
Hands in hand we walked in walkway,
Butterflies we glanced on every block,
you wiped the shadow of my agony,
those days brings me tears in joy.
I never gonna let my love die;
We will miss such a deserved wedlock,
And we lost of being a perfect match;

The love made in each dreams we had,
shed the drops of pleasure in bed,
reminds me those thrills of ride(s);
never forbid my fingers to invade,
the hidden secrets of cozy slit,
of those gentle feathers of fly;
will remind me the births to come;
And we lost of being a perfect match;

Say not those words of goodbye,
Let our hands be united forever,
In every dream we have at night,
Love will live for thousand years;

Don’t throw my diary

handwritten screenplay of poetical fantasy,
portrays the sonnet of your hushes,
the song of the silence we paused,
the moments we shared far away,

log entries we wrote ,O dear
the success and failures we fixed,
our eyes and hearts affixed,
events we encountered far and near,

don’t throw it away on the street,
I laced the words in dream,
Woven the sentence of stream,
don’t throw it away on the feet.

Nailed as we are entwined

The crush of our skins,
makes me arouse to the sky,
Let the blood flows in veins,
The smell of your hair,
makes me fly in air,
The fingers caress as rails,
speak the vulgar in nails,
the hugs and deep kisses,
reminds me the thousand roses,
you are a lovely art,
always in my heart.


Longest waiting in life,
Shortest life on the earth,
For the glimpse of your eyes.

She never lied until I met her

Never thought he will meet her on that eventide. She had worn that beautiful long white skirt outfit and the grey cap.
The waves washed her little finger with those ebbs and flows. She doeth know the guy was waiting for her eyes to glide. She never turned up, and still he was holding the red roses to snatch the glance of her eyes. But she was at her dreams, looking at the twilight star setting on the west , her eyes ogled the sleeping sun.
His love was true, his eyes were filled with tears and the roses in the hand were getting ready for their funeral. You can’t keep them live and dry them tomorrow.

When her ego kills your love, the meaning of being loyal, begging for the lost love , and longing for the hugs is just an another suicide of a dead body.

He will continue to write….

She left me with no good bye

There are some who left,
A pain stained heart of me;

There are some who buried,
And burned my love alive;

Those who stoned my heart,
Wounded the  soul and sense;

Those who left me stranded,
In the pain and suffering of life;

Never known that she used,
And threw me in the dust bin;

Learning makes me realise,
The lessons of unknown story,
Of an another episode of life.



You held my head,

Came close and closed eyes ,

‘Six Quarks’ passed, nuclei created!


Note: A quark is a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter.. There are six types of quarks, known as flavors: up, down, strange, charm, top, and bottom