Tears Answered

Eyes brimming with tears,

I can cry, only for you.

Almighty, your kindness.

Stop Loving Me

Pain and pleasure interlaced together,

Your words hurt more than your love,

Bid adieu, adieu my love.

To My Little Pie~ My Maiden Song

I would be happy if anybody wanna give a tune n voice..Just lemme know if you ought to change the lyric 🙂

wanna hug u babe,
let me keep you happy,
lovin lovin lovin lovin lovin
lovin little pie
lovin sweetie
wanna hug u babe.

we will make it happen,
let the love flowin’
we goona catch the sky,
you are my cutie pie,
lovin lovin lovin lovin ….(wanna hug you..)
i can stop the air
let us make a fly-over,
we gonna walk there,
lovin lovin lovin lovin
my little little little pie ..(wanna hug u..)

let the ocean,
let the sky,
let the world,
let the sun,
make a round,
i’ll give a hand,
lovin lovin lovin lovin
lovin little pie
lovin sweet’art,
lovin lovin lovin lovin you (wanna hug u..)

Love is..

Upon a stranger smile,

Tender feet kissed mother,

A girl’s glance everyday,

Father’s care of daughter,

Unknown follower’s unexpected appreciations,

Employer who cares you,

Unlimited unexpected uncontrollable heart,

A guy’s only expectation,

Undefined value in soul,

Carried in coming births.

Let’s go for a spacewalk

Space walk cease to exist

To minutes, time has no value while

Our hands docked together.

Nothing is left behind

Time stopped,
The day you left,
Leaving me with no dreams,
On a road of hardship,
Forgetting our friendship,
The moment we had once,
on our first meet,
Yet today, nothing is left,
He has left.

Quench the thirst


You came as fresh air,
Wind flowing past your hair,
Your scent stimulates senses,
I long for the poetry in your path,
We are in long distance apart,
When you come near,
I shall bow head on your chest,
Let me make a rest as sweet,
We gonna make a feast,
And will quench our thirst.

The births to come

I swear by the moon
In the sky
That my love for you
Is for a lifetime
But you went away with a smile
Leaving me alone without any guide

I cried so many nights
But you were not there
Even for a while

My arms miss you every night
My only wish is to hug you soo tight

I’ve got no one to cry
You went away with a smile
My love is for a lifetime
But yours was for another life.

I wish you didnt let go at that time
Today would have been our time

Diamond -thee heart

Don’t love to leave me alone-
In the jungle of the aches,
Longing for the sweet breeze of your lips,
As a shadow of the autumn leaves-
Falling underneath my feet,
I am strangled-
In the jungle of the aches,
Waiting for the spring to return,
Will collect  the honey dews,
Hold it long for you-
In the jungle of the aches.

Heavenly twin

those beautiful stars he created,

glittering a million light years from you,

lovely protostars of your eyes.