The Life We Created

Inches moved by clinches,gasped,
Momentary loss of our beings,
Rain of sweating ,breath shared.



Thorns on the stem,

Plucked fingers bleeding its ecstasy,

Rose on my hands.

Every man is a murder of a love

Every love that failed to live a long,
Leaves a pain in the hearts of men,
We fall in chance and dance along,
I cherished the days of being swain,
all our stories ends with a pain;
moments we shared under every sigh,
brings up a joy in a drizzling rain;
And we lost of being a perfect match;

We loved under every tree in the park,
Hands in hand we walked in walkway,
Butterflies we glanced on every block,
you wiped the shadow of my agony,
those days brings me tears in joy.
I never gonna let my love die;
We will miss such a deserved wedlock,
And we lost of being a perfect match;

The love made in each dreams we had,
shed the drops of pleasure in bed,
reminds me those thrills of ride(s);
never forbid my fingers to invade,
the hidden secrets of cozy slit,
of those gentle feathers of fly;
will remind me the births to come;
And we lost of being a perfect match;

Say not those words of goodbye,
Let our hands be united forever,
In every dream we have at night,
Love will live for thousand years;

An adventure over the couch

Fingers prowling over the skin,
Place of pleasure underneath,
Every layer of cotton thread,

Eyes revelling hips and curves,
Nails unveils the hidden secrets,
Playing the guitar of your spine,

Sniffing your smelling pours,
Nose at its height of erection,
Sharing breathe in lips,

Force of action in progress,
Palms rubbing in blush,
United as a single soul.

Beneath the bruise

Inches of scratches underneath
Of loin skin and the ache,
Shows me your human appetite.

Let your lips linger the lughole

Straddle on my laps,
Start from the ears,
Move those lips,
Like a ice cube in milk,
I feel the moisture,
It burns like a bio gas,
In every cell of my body,
Linger as long as you wish,
Every kiss you engross,
Burns my breathe to death,
Don’t leave till my last breath.

The Night’s whisper

the Moon and stars stare the skin,
Zephyr of moana abrades the sweating,
Along the forehead to gullet,
We swallow each other’s tongue,
Night’s whisper reverberates as –
the Sun rises above the Ocean’s head.

Pleasure between the limbs

Little flower of pink roses,
Bloomed at the maiden moment,
She is hiding like a kitty,
and plays the pleasure game;
My fingers try to glide-
The feathers like petals;
Not to hurt her beauty,
I feel the warmth of welcome,
Dews of honey exuding,
Under the fleecy scanty,
Enchanted view of the flower.

Survival of the fittest


An erected rocket,

Injected the sperm,

Voyaging universe,

Searching for oozytes,

New life formed,

Survival of the fittest.

Searching for the love

I dig deep into the soul,
Searching the hidden treasures,

Of your love and the heal-
My heart longs for days,

Manhood impedes womanhood,
While eyes are docking the sight,

We scour every night,
Still we left with no clues,

Our hunting for the love,
Will continue till the death.