Soul Mates –Part III: A Spiritual Study

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According to Hinduism, marriage is defined as two souls which comes together and unite with each other in spirit and that make a perfect marriage. The more strongly they become united, they concentrate less on sex.

The more they are in love with each, they become united with God.

As stated in the holy book of Hindus, Srimad Bhagavat Gita, by Lord Krishna,

Chapter 2, verse 22

                vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya navani grhnati naro’parani

                tatha sarirani vihaya jirnany anyani samyati navani dehi



“As a person gives up old and worn out garments and accepts new apparel, similarly the embodied soul giving up old and worn out bodies verily accepts new bodies.”

So the soul neither be created nor be destroyed.  It’s just the two souls united at the marriage and work toward to accomplish the purpose needed by each other.


Contradict to the Hinduism; Buddhist doctrine rejects the idea of an immortal soul.  Also, it clearly states that there is no concept of soul.

I just noted this point here as it is one of the biggest religion followed by many, and I don’t want go in depth analysis on this as it’s not relevant to this analysis.


In the New Testament, the Greek word for “soul” is transliterated as psuche or psyche.

Psuche denotes one’s inner life or actual personhood. God, who has created the “soul,” can also destroy it.

Jesus said: “Be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28).

Here, Jesus differentiated between the “soul” and the body. “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul,” he said (verse 28). His words indicate that while the body is corrupted at death, the “soul” continues on, though both “soul” and body can end in soul-destroying hell.

So the soul is considered to be there on the earth as well as on the Hell or Heaven. But that considered to a mortal one.


Jainism believes in the existence of the soul from human to plants and even the micro organisms like bacteria and viruses.

The basic concept of this religion is based on the existence of the soul. And they classify the soul into two categories.

  1. Liberated Souls: The souls that attained the Moksha, and which will not be part of lifecycle again.

Moksha (Sanskrit language):  emancipation, liberation or release from the birth and death life cycle.

  1. Non-Liberated Souls – The soul which are struck in the lifecycle based on the karma of the individual soul. There is no start and end of the soul.

According to Jainism , the soul is eternal and just changes the bodies till it attains the moksha. The concept of the soul is similar to the Hinduism.


In modern Judaism, the soul is considered to be a thing given to the person upon his first breath.

And it relates the closeness of a person to God, which is based on the quality of the soul with one’s performance of the commandments.


Sikhism considers the soul as an integral part of the God and the God within the soul. Once the soul departs from the body, it becomes lifeless  and the soul is believed to be the driver of this body.

Out of many oldest religions in the world, four religions came from India namely, Hinduism and the subset of this religion, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism.

Among the four Indian religions only one religion,the Buddhism, contradicts to the soul concept and this is the only religion in the world that doesn’t believe in the existence of the soul. All the other religions except this religion, believe in the existence of the soul and they have their own descriptions and the closeness of the soul to the God.



India the peninsular land of saints,
A mountain of religions and beliefs,
Ocean of knowledge and science,
Was swallowed under the colonial rule,
Lost it’s morals and unity,
People forgot the ethics and divinity,
Divided and ruled for half millennium,

Patriots and freedom fighters,
Emerged and fallen under bullets,
the land of non-violence against British bullets,
Fetched the freedom under Mahatma’s leadership,
World understood the meaning of freedom fight.

Democracy flourished and a declared republic,
Once again taken under control of politicians,
Was stolen and looted the wealth abroad,
She lost her beauty and customs,
Indians struggling under the poor leaders,

India the peninsular land of looters,
We pray her beauty to be revived.

What do you like about India?


Hey friends, first of all a Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends.

And I would like to request all of you who follow my blog, share me a unique feature that you like in India.. I expect you have more to share at least share one thing that fascinates you.

Why Indian girls are more feminists ..?

It looks like most of the Indian woman / girls are more of feminist in general. Is it because they are flooded with the repeated rape cases reported every corner this vast land.

Whatsoever the reason may be the stand on feminism, does help them be aware of the surrounding or averse against the men in the country?. Do we really care about safety of women in India? It’s really necessary to teach your brother, son and dad to behave to the women.

India is not the only country has highest rape cases reported and many parts of the world are experiencing a similar fate.

What you guys feel about the feminism in India, does it really affect the friendship between a guy friend and a girl?

To my unborn daughter of India

Dear Angel,

A letter from a poor village man, who deciding to get you on earth.
Your father is not super rich, politically inclined, lavish house owner. A thatched roof, illiterate cowboy living in the middle of the corn farm.

I ever wished to have you on my hand, I wished to dress like the princess of the heaven and take you on my head and come around the village. Me and your mum has realized the religious crooks and the majority based people have often put us apart the main land of village. I am scared of having you angel with me.

The humanity is at it’s height of slipping into the abyss. We are scared to let you walk alone, we are scared to let you go bravely and return safely. Wolves of human beasts are living among us. They will let you down dear, we are sorry.

It’s not six months old or six years old,or 16 years old, the wolves are waiting to hunt the girl. Stay in God’s hand till we are prepared to deal the human monsters.
Dear, you are too young to understand what I am writing on,I know your hands are flocking to hold my cheek.The days are coming, me and your mum will decide to make the preparations to invite you to be with us.

Angel, listen carefully.

The laws and it’s makers are big culprits of the society and they have the gates in the justice to let the rich and politicians fly away. The law and justice will never protect either your modesty or our life. We are living in a world of capitalist rulers who side the money and lust.

Take note of this while you prepare to come down earth.
Ask the God to make the paws of a lioness, to fight against the rapists.
Let the God give you the fierceness of a tigress to let rip apart the chest of a monsters.
Don’t forget to get the jaws of a Lion, to suck the blood of crooks.
Dear our safety in our hands , not in the hands of a ruler or a court room.
Me and your mum will be awaiting your happy arrival in few years!

Till then take care of you and write me a letter how do you feel there alone!

With Love,
Your dad to be.

The Vedic Jews of India – the Brahmins

NOTE: Not to hurt anyone but to point the pain that endured for centuries.

Ye, the world, have never witnessed the classification of humans into a thousand groups, and never had divided into different castes.

How these caste system started? and Who are the Brahmins?

They are mere humans came from the wastelands of the region beyond the Himalayas. they supposed to be called Aryans. All the educated scholars gathered themselves and created the caste system and they announced themselves as the upper caste of the society. And all the working classes like farmers, wood cutters, masons, goldsmiths, blacksmiths and everyone who does the physical work were treated as the low class and slave of the society. Where as the these educated Brahmins were the advocates of the Kings and enjoyed the luxury and being treated as human Gods. Like the Jews in west divided people into Jews and Non-Jews, they divided the people into Brahmins and Non-Brahmins.

Non-brahmins were not educated and most of them were illiterate. Even these days many of my villagers are illiterate.

Like Jews treated the German into a slave grave, these so called Brahmins kept the working class people in the poverty line. When British ruled the India, these brahmins were behind the heinous killings by helping and spying for British rulers. And they enjoyed the higher posts in the government offices and these low class people lost their lives fighting for freedom. Only after the independence a secular government was formed and created some space for the low caste people to get educated.Still there is fair flavor of Brahiminism in the power and politics that trying to take the old path, which will cause a trauma of the humanity.



How the justice is hanged : A short story

We all know that justice in India never becomes true or real. To explain more, I learnt a story to tell.

There were two railway tracks , one which is abandoned and never used. One which has frequently trains passing through it. There was a kid who knows he should never go to the track which has trains passing it and used to play around the old track.  One fine day, there were two kids came to play with track and the other warned them as it’s dangerous to play around the active track.

But they did bother least about that kid and continued playing around it. And few more kids came and they too started following the 2 kids and joined them and they forbid to join with the other kid. Thus there were many kids playing at the wrong track. The single kid used to play alone with the old track.

Suddenly there was a train coming in the track where many kids used were playing, and the driver was in real shock and he would up in big accident if he has to apply with break. And if he has to go on the active track he has to kill many kids.

In a sudden dilemma he decided to ran over the old track and kill one kid thus saving the people in the train and many kids.

Here, the kid which was playing in the old track was sure that there won’t any train coming in and he was in side of truthfulness. But has so sacrifice in order to save many people who were at wrong side.

Likewise, the lawmakers kill the truth and justice in favor of the politicos and the rich people saving the wrong doers.

The moral of the story:

  1. The kids on the active track was really wrong and what they did was against the justice.
  2. The train driver who ran over the old track to save people in train and the kids is really a criminal.
  3. The single kid who was playing in the old tack knowing the truth there wont be any train was really a victim of justice.

We all face this everywhere, when many people do a wrong thing it becomes right thing. When a single person stands against the wrong doing, becomes a victim of life!!!



Child yaks at duty,

Mother India have a nice sleep,

Tears in my eyes.

குடியாட்சி /மக்களாட்சி

ஏழைகளை சுரண்டி,
ஓட்டுக்களை எண்ணும் ,
சுயஅடிமைகள் ஆட்சி.

She Knocked the Heart’s Door

To:True lovers

Laying on the velvet bed,

Full moon shedding its light,

Upon the greenery of jasmine leaves,

Coconut leaves playing hum rhythm,

She is twinkling her eyes,

On the sky,

Calling me every night,

Night seems so short,

Our love grows long,

Longer than space,

Where it started?

Where it ends?

We know who we are,

Where we head? We try,

We try to know,

Before the day opens,

And the tomorrow night!

Love has no ending,

Trying to where,

Our love is heading where?

Till the nights come and go,

Our love continues to grow.