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She is my friend’s friend – part 2

If you have missed the part 1 read it here.

Anyhow, I have not much talked to him about her these days. But I happened to ask him about their friendship if he still talk to her.

He started again yelling me with, ‘Fuck, she is dirty man! don’t ask about her!!’

‘Hey it’s okay. Just be cool man and tell what happened? you ever talked to her?’ – Me asked.

‘Yea, I just thought it’s ok..she wanted to hide it from me until she lands in US. Though not matter to me lot, she came again and talked for something else’.

‘I then talked to her for sometime and she tried to use me again this time. She asked if I can teach her something on programming stuff for free of cost. I said, not really possible at least I can give you 50% off and nothing else. Because most of my friends ready to pay any amount and you too is a friend of mine and as you plead for free I can give you 50% off.’

‘Oh. that’s so nice. And Did she agreed to pay?’

‘Fuck, she will ever pay and she thinks I am fool again. I said let me think of’

‘She continued to try to get me and I din’t let that happen. And she blocked me everywhere 🙂 Yea, Whatsapp and even blocked my phone calls’.

‘I can be a friend but not a fool man. I thanked god and deleted her number as well. She tried calling me once again and I proved I forgot such a girl 🙂 hahaha. Fuck you girl’

‘Ok. This seems to be a great experience not to be trapped again. Be vigilant again’..I left to office.

Sometimes people try to use and throw us when not needed. So think before helping anyone. do help who is in really need.