Life is beautiful

Beautiful life it is,
Expectations over God increases,
Over and over, day by day,
Our mood swaying away,
He gives what we deserve not desires,
We forget to observe and misperceive.
Think there’s one suffered more than you,
Not be excited when you are in excess,
there’s one offered more than your success.

God doesn’t care


Matters not which path,

You follow on the earth.

-He has two destinations, hell or heaven.

On the way to God’s…


Started from somewhere,

Took a body to get the path,

-Taking a nap on the earth!

Shadow of the Heaven


Trying to get in hell,

Shadow of the heaven,

Mirage of the men’s religion.

The People’s Court

Judgement written on the funeral,

Everyone becomes the judge on their own,

A one day show to the heaven.

Blinded Look


Sinned are not they,

Forbidden sight of the blinds,

Reserved for the heaven’s site.

A Soul to Console

God’s door kept opened,

Keys are not with us,

Waiting to be freed.

A Letter from the creator

O My children! behold,

I created you and the light;

You delved into the darkness,

The darkness of insane,

I made you to live at peace,

The peace of humanity,

Ignorance engulfed you,

The days for formatting,

The way of the end is nearing,

Your days are counted,

The dust bin, the hell is free,

Destined path of the hell ahead,

A new world to be created soon.