Long live friend

Incidents happens every second,
Days make it as dailies,
Weeks make them as weeklies,
Months make them into monthlies,
Years make them a book,
Decades into a century,
Centuries into millennium,
And, we made the friendship.

Period of radiations as every second,
Seconds make the minutes,
Minutes make the hours,
Hours into days,
Days into weeks,
Weeks into months,
months make the years,
Years make the decades,
Centuries into millennium,
And, we made the friendship.

The days we meet are less,
Nevertheless it made stronger,
Our friendship as a Boulder,
We shared our shoulders,

We cried together,
And we shared the tears,

We smiled along the eyes,
We laughed through the brows,

We lost the friendship for a moment,
And we gained it for days,

The fights made us think a lot,
Made to analyze the hearts,

Never we wanted to give up the path,
We made as an oath,
Vowed together the swear,
Not to forget ever,

Hold the hand dear,
Sweat the tear,
It tells me the story,
We passed along.

This is the story of a monk’s soul

Monk on the east,
The soul on the west,
Sun on the crest,

A hot day it was,
Monk met the cat,
Shared the stories apart,
Distance became short,
Friendship flourished.

Reasons are said before,
As the path we walk along,
Tell us the stories left,
Yet to write some more,
Like the waves in the shore,
Touches the feet and heart,
We will write an endless story,
Authored and printed on air,
Invisible to the world.

The days we spend today,
Will never come back another day,
Let the moment be with you,
And the wishes fall upon you,
Long Live Jenni.

O, thee lord,
Bless the child of you,
For the new beginning,

Endless paths ahead,
Let her pick them and fly the sky,
Pleasure and happiness,
Persist forever,

You are here,
The new start,
The new way,
The new world,
Stands ahead of you,

Take the way carefully,
Do everything cheerfully,
Expect the results eagerly,
God never disappoint us,
We are safe in his hands.

[Let us sing a song]
What do you want to wear?
Can you smile a bit Jenni?

Cakes and chocolates,
Friends and parents,
You are blessed now,
With new year on your calendar.

Life changes ever,
Keeping moving dear,
People come and go in life,
The changes will always prevail,

You make the plans,
Treat them as swans,
Let the mud cross in the path,
Swim and fly to the goal,
This is my will,
What I wanna see as you wish.
Let’s sing..[Hey..Cat,..]

The distance has shrunk,
Friendship has no end,
Let the decades fade away,
Live the life in a way,
You want and as it comes,

Roads are clumsy as they ahead,
You make them easy and walk,
Look not the back you travel,
As long as you reach the goal,
Wish you bright future,
We sing..[Hey Cat..]

Hey hey Jenni,
Keep this with you bunny,
You come back and say,
Where you are then,
I wish a nice way ahead,
Come on, sing along

What do you want to wear?
Can you smile a bit Jenni?
sing…[Cat, cow,,]