A story on the stars – a haiku


Write our love on stars,
Solder in the walls of the sky
Generations to read our story.

Photo Credit: Google

Tablet Minds


Speaking to the tabs,

Gadgets make us laugh at ease,

An electronic era of humans.

Peaceful world

I dreamed a world of silence,
where humanoid exists ever,
War of silence wins over Earth,
The world rests in peace.



Shirtless shivering night,
While the sun goes far away,
Temperature cease to kill the earth.


Trench the poor,

Count the votes,

Volunteered slavery.


Love beyond the sky


Our love spreads beyond,
the sky and the galaxies,
Catch me in mind’s speed.

Love is a medicine


Medicine of the soul,
nudges us in abyss
a suffer that longs life.

The warriors of tomorrow

Warriors of tomorrow,
In the arms of their mom,
Son of battlefield while grown.


Ocean of memories piled up,
Like a mountain of sorrows,
Every breakup sheds tears

God doesn’t care


Matters not which path,

You follow on the earth.

-He has two destinations, hell or heaven.