She is my friend’s friend

Last night this guy came to my home and looked pale and started yelling those “****ch” words.
I can’t stop wanting to know what the hell is bothering this guy.
” Hey man, are you ok?”
“She must be a ***t, she is such a ***ch”.
His words seemed to so disturbing my mind. I can’t see him calling someone like that through out my friendship with him.
He silenced for a second, and continued.
“Listen ,Martian I never met such a girl in life.”
“What?. Have you been in love? You never told me? Who is she?…..”

“Fuck. I had never been in love man”
“Then? Who is she and why you are yelling at her?”
He, “she was my friend, she is my ex-colleague. I used clear her doubts always. I really helped her at times and she never helped me back at no point of time. She anyways wanted me to listen her woes. But….”

“Hmm.. That I understand man. What happened? Tell me.”

“For last one week she was asking me about those books and materials for a new job. And I did ask all my friends, and gave her all my help. And I asked when is the interview? . she said she doesn’t know. ”


“And yesterday evening I asked her if she needs any help and when is the interview. She said she doesn’t know. And today she is calling me and saying she gotta job.”

Me, “Wtf, man? Why didn’t she tell you that she has interview today. She wanted to keep it secret? Or feared that you gonna grab the job?”

“That’s a girl man. Fuck off.”

He will continue to share….