Eyes -The Beautiful Liars


Never shown me truth,

True face of a stranger at first,

Eyes , I don’t believe you.

To Whom I Care


Left the soul and thought,

I save it as history in heart,

Until you come back here.

If eyes could speak

Words will shed as tears,
Every feeling of you, written and be,
Rolling as river of rain.

Nothing is left behind

Time stopped,
The day you left,
Leaving me with no dreams,
On a road of hardship,
Forgetting our friendship,
The moment we had once,
on our first meet,
Yet today, nothing is left,
He has left.

Learned Today

True friends are rare, and handle them with care.

Learned Today

Only girls can murder the friendship of a guy without biding adieu and prior notice.

Learned today

When  friends leave you with no good bye, it means all the while it was a fake relationship.