Learned Today

A true friend always hurt you and if your friend not try to correct your mistakes, he might be betraying you!

Friend Ship

Friends are ships,

Who let to swim,

On their happiness!

Saint or Friend


Know yourself to be a saint,

Let him know your –self,

– To be your best friend!

Foes Are Enemies

Behold my foes,

I fly on the sky,

Stone me if you are.

Love beyond the Life

Not winning over the relations,
Winning over each other’s heart
And Living for the rest of life.

Hold my finger

I thought you would be here by now,

holding my fingers, bracing my spinal cord,

inhaling your breathe unto my dying mortal,

I thought you would be here by every second,

showering the care you bear,

keeping the door of your heart been opened, 

I thought you would leave  the soul here,

the tears of my heart’s ache,

will beat the rhythm of your name.


She is my friend’s friend – part 2

If you have missed the part 1 read it here.

Anyhow, I have not much talked to him about her these days. But I happened to ask him about their friendship if he still talk to her.

He started again yelling me with, ‘Fuck, she is dirty man! don’t ask about her!!’

‘Hey it’s okay. Just be cool man and tell what happened? you ever talked to her?’ – Me asked.

‘Yea, I just thought it’s ok..she wanted to hide it from me until she lands in US. Though not matter to me lot, she came again and talked for something else’.

‘I then talked to her for sometime and she tried to use me again this time. She asked if I can teach her something on programming stuff for free of cost. I said, not really possible at least I can give you 50% off and nothing else. Because most of my friends ready to pay any amount and you too is a friend of mine and as you plead for free I can give you 50% off.’

‘Oh. that’s so nice. And Did she agreed to pay?’

‘Fuck, she will ever pay and she thinks I am fool again. I said let me think of’

‘She continued to try to get me and I din’t let that happen. And she blocked me everywhere 🙂 Yea, Whatsapp and even blocked my phone calls’.

‘I can be a friend but not a fool man. I thanked god and deleted her number as well. She tried calling me once again and I proved I forgot such a girl 🙂 hahaha. Fuck you girl’

‘Ok. This seems to be a great experience not to be trapped again. Be vigilant again’..I left to office.

Sometimes people try to use and throw us when not needed. So think before helping anyone. do help who is in really need.

She is my friend’s friend

Last night this guy came to my home and looked pale and started yelling those “****ch” words.
I can’t stop wanting to know what the hell is bothering this guy.
” Hey man, are you ok?”
“She must be a ***t, she is such a ***ch”.
His words seemed to so disturbing my mind. I can’t see him calling someone like that through out my friendship with him.
He silenced for a second, and continued.
“Listen ,Martian I never met such a girl in life.”
“What?. Have you been in love? You never told me? Who is she?…..”

“Fuck. I had never been in love man”
“Then? Who is she and why you are yelling at her?”
He, “she was my friend, she is my ex-colleague. I used clear her doubts always. I really helped her at times and she never helped me back at no point of time. She anyways wanted me to listen her woes. But….”

“Hmm.. That I understand man. What happened? Tell me.”

“For last one week she was asking me about those books and materials for a new job. And I did ask all my friends, and gave her all my help. And I asked when is the interview? . she said she doesn’t know. ”


“And yesterday evening I asked her if she needs any help and when is the interview. She said she doesn’t know. And today she is calling me and saying she gotta job.”

Me, “Wtf, man? Why didn’t she tell you that she has interview today. She wanted to keep it secret? Or feared that you gonna grab the job?”

“That’s a girl man. Fuck off.”

He will continue to share….


Who stained the tender heart,
Of the love and affection,

Who burned those soft petals,
Of the heart and the love,

Who let it shed the blood,
Of the cheerful heart,

Who let it flow the happiness,
And made it a melodious heart.