India the peninsular land of saints,
A mountain of religions and beliefs,
Ocean of knowledge and science,
Was swallowed under the colonial rule,
Lost it’s morals and unity,
People forgot the ethics and divinity,
Divided and ruled for half millennium,

Patriots and freedom fighters,
Emerged and fallen under bullets,
the land of non-violence against British bullets,
Fetched the freedom under Mahatma’s leadership,
World understood the meaning of freedom fight.

Democracy flourished and a declared republic,
Once again taken under control of politicians,
Was stolen and looted the wealth abroad,
She lost her beauty and customs,
Indians struggling under the poor leaders,

India the peninsular land of looters,
We pray her beauty to be revived.

குடியாட்சி /மக்களாட்சி

ஏழைகளை சுரண்டி,
ஓட்டுக்களை எண்ணும் ,
சுயஅடிமைகள் ஆட்சி.

Banana Freedom

We are stripped in anyway,

Peeled every layer of our skin,

Banana fruits on the democracy.