Dear Flipkart,Improve the customer support

We all know we can miss the chance by once but not all the times. Yes, It happened with a India’s big online marketer Flipkart.

I ordered an item and it supposed to be delivered within a span of 5 days. But it got missed and I waited for 2-3 days to get them call me and inform for the delay. But, for my surprise I didn’t receive any call, and the order was in shipping state on their app.

I called them and it was said it will be delivered in 2-3 days. I waited and still no response, I even asked them to give me the seller’s contact number , so I can reach them for the issue with my order.

They denied to provide the Seller’s details at all. I was asked to wait for a week and again few more days. Finally it was delivered after a month.

Dear Flipkart, I would like to ask these questions..
1. Will you deliver the product and collect the money?
2. What you did with the money for a month, did you invested in somewhere?
3. How many of the orders was delayed in such a way and looted the money?
4. If you are forbidden to provide Seller’s contact information, Do you really care about customer’s privacy?
5. Learn how Amazon’s handles the order status and resolve the customer issue.

This is really proving that Flipkart has long ways to go to make up with big Giants in the online market.