A spoiled brat of love

She thinks as I suppose,

Feels her heart as if beats,

Talks herself though not lunatic,

Walks her way to the edge of peak,

As if not spoiled brat of love,

Breathes hard in her words,

Hurting every corner of my heart,

The love in eyes,

Wanting of my lips and chest,

You cry every moment,

Every moment of your life,

For you, to feed of wanting,

I feel like leaving you there,

In the middle of the fire of your thoughts,

We have nothing to share.

If we are destined to meet

No matter who forbid our eyes,

Destiny never ends without us,

Eyes not blinded as we live far away,

Pain and pleasure,the twins of life,

Fate and soul , the twins of love,

We are crossing the banks of fate,

With the tears of our four eyes.

Don’t fail in love

We study and we write,
We are given with a flying colour,
We work and we earn,
We are ready to live as couple,
We make the love and we reap the child,
We forgot the love we shared before,
And we failed in love.

Say it once

Sing with me in the air,
Breathe the air I sang for you,
Drink with me the water,
That I shed as tears for you,
Hold me on your chest,
Caress my hair with your nails,
Say in my ear, you love me once,
Say it aloud, you love me once.

A distant thunder

A distant thunder roars,
the name of your soul,
bellows the voice of your
echoing gasp of love,
at every nerve, trembles me,
like planets crashing and,
milky ways formed afar,
my heart beats along.

Feel the Sun under the bed

Burning like a coal,
Fuming of our souls,

Under the silky bed,
Of our bodies adorned,

Not the rays of the star,
Still the smooching smoke,

Radiates the waves of heat,
Till it crushes the floor,

Our dreams are growing till-
The dawn of our farthest star.