She was never alone

She knows him from the age of five, when she joined the primary school she had been friend with him. But somehow she had to change the school and go to a new state which is 400km away from the place where he lives. They had been friends for three years and then she left the place with her parents and he never realised that she is gonna be his future girlfriend.
They never shared the letters and the lives they are having at their end. He was just sad for few days and she seem to be unhappy of this farewell.
They were of same age and they know that they will meet again. She started her schooling there and she never mingled with those pupils on the class. She never felt she won’t get such a friend like him anymore. And that made her mind to be alone at times but her heart always been beating with his memories. That’s was not really a farewell though.
They had turned 15 and he has met an another girl, and her name was Shivani, she is such a heavenly creature of the God, and the beauty of  the creation God ever did.
He knows that’s just a infatuation and he never looked for any love, and still he is not loving anyone.
Shivani cared him so much, she liked everything about him. But she didn’t know Anjana is still in his memories.
The day has come and Shivani is not ready to loose him anymore. She looked on his eyes and said she love him so much.
But his thoughts were not ready to accept any love for now. He tried to forbid and it turned out to be a failure. She chased his heart from the dreams to the real life. They started dating and he started liking her.
Anjana returned to the place where she met him 7 years ago. She started looking the places where they played together. And she doesn’t know that she has a shocking scene.
She turned and looked at the bench below the Neem tree,Shivani was kissing his lips.
That made her eyes wet, but still her heart beating more than before.
She walked towards the house,yet she is not alone.

How to survive a break up?

Did you ever witnessed a break up in your life? Does it affect your daily things to some extent? or Does it really not matter to you at all ?

It all depends on the people how they perceive the change in their life. The life during the love will make us feel like flying in air and the days after break up will make us feel caged in an abyss. But we all forced to live up to what God has decided for each one of us.So the break up should not limit the distance we traveled in life and we must strive forward to get some fresh air. We all are destined with something and we can’t escape of it.

To get up from the break up pain, we must do few things to forget and move on life. We can try these tips to avoid a bad life.

#1 We must try focus on the things that will make us forget the relationship

#2 We should not indulge in any drugs or alcoholic drinks to avoid such feeling, and this will lead to a different trauma

#3 We must try to sleep a lot and whenever we get time we should make sure we have a sound sleep

#4 We must try to talk to the people who believe and make us happy

#5 We should eat proper food and we should make sure we don’t skip food at all.Some tend to skip food because they don’t feel hungry at all of this bad relationship ending.

#6 Do meditation and Yoga, this will alleviate the feeling that is packed up in your heart.


I know how it sucks to breathe a failure in relationship but that’s not the end of the life. We must get up and walk fast to the future ahead. Do share what other ideas do you like to share…

Flick the Flowers

Frosted feathery flowers,

Fingers fierce the fervent flappers,

Flies on the florets.

A lovely chameleon

Her love was yellow,

Loved with her green signal,

Until she showed me a red.

She Knocked the Heart’s Door

To:True lovers

Laying on the velvet bed,

Full moon shedding its light,

Upon the greenery of jasmine leaves,

Coconut leaves playing hum rhythm,

She is twinkling her eyes,

On the sky,

Calling me every night,

Night seems so short,

Our love grows long,

Longer than space,

Where it started?

Where it ends?

We know who we are,

Where we head? We try,

We try to know,

Before the day opens,

And the tomorrow night!

Love has no ending,

Trying to where,

Our love is heading where?

Till the nights come and go,

Our love continues to grow.

This is her love

You care me not, about my sleep,
You yell me for a missed morning message.

You care me not, about my food,
You curse me if I miss a kiss.

You care me not, about my friends,
You fight if I talk to her.

You care me not, about my health,
You worried if I leave a minute.

You care me not about my stress,
You always want a tight hug.

You want to call you every second,
Do ever you care did I reach home?

You want to be connected all the time,
I am pissed off by so called love.

I let you go off and love the gadgets,
I want to be alone right now.

Impossible girl you are,
Call it as I break up now.

Never bothered of your sour,
I wanna enjoy life as a man!

Goodbye my love!

Nothing is left behind

Time stopped,
The day you left,
Leaving me with no dreams,
On a road of hardship,
Forgetting our friendship,
The moment we had once,
on our first meet,
Yet today, nothing is left,
He has left.

The births to come

I swear by the moon
In the sky
That my love for you
Is for a lifetime
But you went away with a smile
Leaving me alone without any guide

I cried so many nights
But you were not there
Even for a while

My arms miss you every night
My only wish is to hug you soo tight

I’ve got no one to cry
You went away with a smile
My love is for a lifetime
But yours was for another life.

I wish you didnt let go at that time
Today would have been our time

Hold my finger

I thought you would be here by now,

holding my fingers, bracing my spinal cord,

inhaling your breathe unto my dying mortal,

I thought you would be here by every second,

showering the care you bear,

keeping the door of your heart been opened, 

I thought you would leave  the soul here,

the tears of my heart’s ache,

will beat the rhythm of your name.


A broken mirror

The memories she shared,
Shattered into pieces,
The moment she divulged,
The fake heart of love;
I looked into mirror,
It’s showing my broken heart.