The Vedic Jews of India – the Brahmins

NOTE: Not to hurt anyone but to point the pain that endured for centuries.

Ye, the world, have never witnessed the classification of humans into a thousand groups, and never had divided into different castes.

How these caste system started? and Who are the Brahmins?

They are mere humans came from the wastelands of the region beyond the Himalayas. they supposed to be called Aryans. All the educated scholars gathered themselves and created the caste system and they announced themselves as the upper caste of the society. And all the working classes like farmers, wood cutters, masons, goldsmiths, blacksmiths and everyone who does the physical work were treated as the low class and slave of the society. Where as the these educated Brahmins were the advocates of the Kings and enjoyed the luxury and being treated as human Gods. Like the Jews in west divided people into Jews and Non-Jews, they divided the people into Brahmins and Non-Brahmins.

Non-brahmins were not educated and most of them were illiterate. Even these days many of my villagers are illiterate.

Like Jews treated the German into a slave grave, these so called Brahmins kept the working class people in the poverty line. When British ruled the India, these brahmins were behind the heinous killings by helping and spying for British rulers. And they enjoyed the higher posts in the government offices and these low class people lost their lives fighting for freedom. Only after the independence a secular government was formed and created some space for the low caste people to get educated.Still there is fair flavor of Brahiminism in the power and politics that trying to take the old path, which will cause a trauma of the humanity.