Waiting for My Valentina

Note: I wrote in my dream and penned on the phone on the way and posted from the office !

The foot path we left,
In the sea-shore, on the sands

The breath, we left,
In the spring, on the breeze

The kisses we shared,
On the beaches, on the sun loungers

The love we planted,
In the parks, In the gardens

The words we talked,
On the flights, on the air

The fights we had,
In the trains, In the buses

The lust we shared,
In the nights, on the bed

The quarrels we had,
At the hotels, on the restaurants

The days we had,
Been together, being hugged

The dream we had,
For today, for tomorrow

The day we planned,
For honeymoon, for appetite

The eyes you liked,
Every moment, every second

The lips you kissed,
In the morning, in the evening

All been left alone,
And they are asking,
Why did you leave me alone?

I hold my tears,
Dear, I tell them,
I hate you!

I hate you,
You are not sinned,
I hate you,
You are good to them,

I hate you,
You are mine,
I hate you,
I don’t want to hurt you,

I wait and tell them,
We will be back again.

Love is..

Upon a stranger smile,

Tender feet kissed mother,

A girl’s glance everyday,

Father’s care of daughter,

Unknown follower’s unexpected appreciations,

Employer who cares you,

Unlimited unexpected uncontrollable heart,

A guy’s only expectation,

Undefined value in soul,

Carried in coming births.

If eyes could speak

Words will shed as tears,
Every feeling of you, written and be,
Rolling as river of rain.

Beach walk

Under the light of the full moon

Walking on the beach in your arms
Holding your hand tight
I want this moment to last every night

Being your moon and your moonlight
Like a star in the sky
You shine so bright

Being in your arms.
I can feel your warmth.
Looking at you all night
I fell in love with life

Hold my finger

Every step you move on,

Before you tamper the prints, hold me

Baby, world is under feet.

Lost to get it back

Lost the heart in you,

Chasing for your love, to get it,

Before the world ends forever.

A spoiled brat of love

She thinks as I suppose,

Feels her heart as if beats,

Talks herself though not lunatic,

Walks her way to the edge of peak,

As if not spoiled brat of love,

Breathes hard in her words,

Hurting every corner of my heart,

The love in eyes,

Wanting of my lips and chest,

You cry every moment,

Every moment of your life,

For you, to feed of wanting,

I feel like leaving you there,

In the middle of the fire of your thoughts,

We have nothing to share.