Breeze caress the nerves,
Blood flows thro’ a happy pain,
Beats are high in feel,
while manliness enters the pleasure of heaven,
she squirting the drops of pearl,
while eyes are closed in dreams.

Eve’s night

Every evening becomes Eve’s night,
We shed our sheaths under the bed,
We direct the game of love,
We play it right with no guidance,
There is no rules,
No commands to rule us,
We make the pearl drops to flow,
Free below thighs,
We suck the honey out of tongue,
Until the dawn of Adam’s night.

The fingers I hold

Little fingers I hold on my hand,
lifted my dying soul from the abyss,

Little eyes I adore to gaze,
awoken the sleeping senses to life,

Little gauzy lips of your mouth,
shocked those sensitive parts of me,

Little legs those danced the floor,
pranced on my heels and ankles,

Little tongue that you out now and then,
caressed my heart till lust last forever,

Little brows those tickled those ears,
you let it continue again now,

Till I hold those little fingers,
until we walk the way to the tomb.

Once more


She pleads the sun to stop rising in East,
And she pierces her fingers in my thighs,
To stay cuddled till the dusk in West,
Sun raised not in the sky,
But made me aroused high,
I hold the honeypot,
till she unleashes beads of honey,
We then play it around the bush,
Uttering the hushes of big ‘O’.



You in me,

Me in you,

We lost us.

Beneath the bruise

Inches of scratches underneath
Of loin skin and the ache,
Shows me your human appetite.

Osculated Haiku

Four lips become three,

Line of curvature in the middle,

Your lip, the last line.

Winter love

Winter exploded the hidden
Summer under bottom of our heart,
Till the bed burned into ashes.

Save animals: veterinary doctors fuck the cows to get milk

Please Reblog this post if you care the animals.

Does the title sound little nasty? I wish it should sound more than that.

Where are we heading and where our modern technology development leads to? Are we really living in a modern civilized society?

Are we really destroying the nature for the comfort of our life? These are the questions we should care about. Are these animal care takers have no real pussy on the earth to fuck?

Are they lost the taste of a human pussy and desperate enough to insert the sperm into the animal’s pussy just to milk them?

There is nothing wrong in being hard to the inhuman act of the people around. If not about the world, I being an Indian should care about the cows,as we worship them as one among our family. Do they have not any feelings to mate a right partner? Are they machines making the milk and proteins for your babies?

Why we forbid them mating a bull and fertilized by nature? Who the hell are we to insert the semen into their pussies?

If we continue this to follow, we will be in trouble of seeing bulls on the earth. Because this type of fertilization methods will have no need of a bull to mate any cow. And that will make a rare seen to see them in near future.

Above all if we human can’t stop fucking a woman or man, if we can’t stop caressing a pussy or penis,if we can’t stop sucking the nipples and fuck in thousands of positions , we have no rights of stopping an animal mating a right partner, we have no rights of inserting our hands into their pussies.

Please be human and respect their feelings too.

Spread the natural breeding of animals, let them enjoy the pleasure what the nature has offered them.

Will continue to write more on this..

Survival of the fittest


An erected rocket,

Injected the sperm,

Voyaging universe,

Searching for oozytes,

New life formed,

Survival of the fittest.