Blogger Interview : Foolchund Saahil

Foolchund Saahil is a writer and literature graduate and has written lovely poems on his blog youngwritersandpoets, also he is a Author & Communications Manager at Virtual Library blog
Can you tell readers about yourself and your blog?
                              Hello everyone! This is my first time participating in an interview. My sincere thanks to Alien Poet for this chance. I am Foolchund Saahil, a young Mauritian poet and writer of 19 years, who will pursue a B.A. in English at University. I started writing seriously at the age of 18 and as far as I remember, it was in the month of September, some time before my A-Level examinations. I know, it was just not the right time but as everyone fervently claims, writing is like a psychotherapy. It just the soothes the stressful state of mind, especially in those dark times. I am a proficient bilingual writer penning down the poetic feelings in both French and English.
If you told me blogging before December of last year, I would shake my head in disbelief. I had vague notions of this world. But since, I learned a lot of new things and befriended quite a number of enthusiast bloggers. The blog Young Writers and Poets is an opportunity for the talents it houses a means to get recognition and appraisal. We publish poetry, short stories and reviews on the blog.
What inspired you to start the blog?
                               Rather for me, it’s whom. As I knew little of this world, it was rather a good friend and guide of mine who introduced me to this world. Young Writers and Poets was a collectively administered blog until our rupture. She gave up on blogging due to a lack of time and her busy work scheme. She was also disappointed with the way things were going.
How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?
                            Actually, I am fond of procrastination, that’s why, sometimes so I do not keep track of my active period though I regularly check my blog stats. Writing even online is time-consuming. Thus, it varies. I may post once in a blue moon. However, I am making efforts to mend my laziness.
I maintain a friendly and cordial relation with my readers. If I have some time, we may engage in a good conversation even short ones. I like good company. Communication with writers is essential. I love knowing about the different horizons across this immense blogosphere; culture and story of writers.
What do you do in your spare time?
                              If we include computer games, reading, writing and watching my favourite manga and serials. I am currently trying to finish reading J.M.G. LeClezio’s work, Le Chercheur D’Or/The Prospector, a magnificent window on my country’s history.
Would you encourage other people to start their blog?
                           If you have time to write and share and possess the strength to bear the ups and downs of the blog stats, do not fear to get in circle. If you are a rising voice in the world of writing, you will definitely get the support of a large writing community. It will take time to grow, but you’ll be surrounded by great people and acquire great experiences.
Is Blogging your profession or hobby?
                       It is a hobby; one which I really enjoy doing.
What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?
                     Points I noted while blogging all this time:
Regular posting, especially timed ones; when your followers know when you are going to post, you have more chance.
Follow back. Become the reader and leave comments behind on the posts you visited as often as you can.
Teamwork brings more followers. team spirit will help you grow.
Award Posts. If you are nominated for a particular award like the Sunshine Blogger Award, create your award post. They can attract new followers and readers.
When you see zero visits/views on your stats, do not panic. Keep up with your writing pace. If you are writing is good, then, readers will be automatically attracted.
Do you have any special goals for the rest of the year?
                      Not really if it is to continue my studies and maintain a good health with regular practice of exercises.


Do you count the likes or the comments?

Do you like the comments or the likes for a post? and how do you measure if your writing has reached the intended people?

Share your thoughts in the comment.

Blogger Interview : Kayla

I would like to introduce Kayla as a thoughtful writer and very bold , very open minded writer of what she thinks of.

Her blog :

Q. Can You tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Sure. My blog is a place where I’m able to be myself completely and share my thoughts and experiences. I am just your average college student who loves theatre, baking, and people.

Q. What inspired you to start your blog?

I love writing, and really wanted to create a safe space for myself where I could just write as much as I wanted to and be free to express my opinion. And I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping up with the plot of a story.

Q. How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?

I usually post once a week, that way I can create longer posts and have them be more interesting. If a follower comments/talks to me directly, I’ll answer. I’ll like their posts and occasionally comment if I can. Other than that, I’ll like whatever comments I get. I enjoy having followers and am willing to talk a little, but I also want to be safe online and have a little privacy.

Q. What do you do in your spare time?

I work, I do my online classes, write poetry, bake, and watch Netflix.

Q. Would you encourage other people to start their blog?

Yeah, I would. If they feel that they have something that they want to share with the world, I say go ahead! It’s good to plan out what your blog will be about though, whether it’s fashion and advertising a store, a healthy lifestyle blog, etc.

Q. Is Blogging your profession or just a hobby?

Oh goodness, it’s absolutely just a hobby. Have you seen how I write? Ha! I write how I talk, and writing helps me think, process, and it’s one of the major ways I come to know things.

Q. What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

Well, to be honest I don’t have a strategy. I have my blog public so that all my friends can easily get to it, and so that I don’t have to worry about confirming them, or getting all their emails, etc. Besides, if sharing my struggles and life stories can help someone, (If she got through this, I can too! Oh good, I’m glad someone understands what I’m going through.)

Q. Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

Well I’d say my goals are to continue growing as a person, to improve my general health, and to get good grades for next semester. 😊

Wanna be co-author? Editor? Writer? Guest writer?

Friends, I have just started an another blog for the like minded people who wanna to write together and grow together!

Yes! It’s gonna be like a move to bring together like minded writers and make a collaborative blogging together.

If you wish to write on this blog or be an editor of this blog, please write down your nomination below. or mail me at with the following details

Name: Real/Pen name
Job: Student/Working as…
From: India.
My Blog:
About Me: A student Secretary and editor, writer in local college magazine.
Role: Author.

Please follow the blog and I feel your support will make us grow !!

Blog is :

I welcome all of interested people from any stream to write down on this blog and enjoy the blogging.


1. You must post only your own content.
2. Don’t make any copyrighted content and this is against our policy and we will remove it if reported.
3. No nudity of pictures of any sort is entertained here.
4. Adult poems are allowed but nude pictures or videos along with the poems should be avoided.
5. There should not be any personal attack on any person,society, community, religion, country and anything violates this rule will be removed.
6. You are responsible for the content you write.
7.This is purely out of fashion and this is not a paid blogging.You write and enjoy being shared with other writers followers. SO PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY PAYING FOR WRITING HERE.

8. You can quit the blog and writing here any time if you feel not ok. We will remove all the content by you if requested.
9. Respect other writers and never make any harsh statement against other’s post.
10. Site Admin has the rights to revoke your access anytime, rights to remove your post if anything violates the rules.

Good to Remember!!

You can reproduce the same content from your own blog and give a link here to your blog to maximize the followers on your blog!!

These are the guidelines for now, and may be added later if we like to add anything.

How to reblog a post?

Dear friends, many of you might be knowing it and many would be interested to do so and will be thinking it’s a kind a techie task.

But , let me share a small tip how to make is possible.

Step 1: Go to the post you want to reblog

For example: Go to this site :

And you would be absolutely getting no option to reblog any post, isn’t?

Step 2: Click on the title you would like to reblog like

step 3: you would see a reblog button beside the like button.

step 4: select the blog name where you want to publish it( if you are an author in many blogs you will get a list bix)

sthen submit, that’s it.

refer the below link for more details



Shiny Objects – a blog interview..Amazing Guys!!

His blog is here:

Q. Can You tell our readers about yourself and your blog?
I’m a 22 year old American who just graduated from college with a degree in Microbiology. I’m currently seeking a job in environmental science with a focus on conservation, and it is this precarious moment in life that informs a lot of my writing. My blog is mainly a place for me to share my creative writing hobby, and most of that writing is inspired by what’s going on in my head and in my life. Depression and mental illness in general has become a large part of my identity, and that, along with my romantic struggles and uncertainty regarding my path in life, lends itself as a topic for my writing.

Q. What inspired you to start your blog?
I started my blog in 2016 when I found an old jump drive with some writing that I did in high school on it. I read the writing, and thought it would be a shame if I was the only one that ever got to read it, so I wanted to put it online somewhere. So, I made the blog, posted several pieces on it that one day, and never touched it again until February of this year (I got a grand total of 0 views in the interim). It was during this spring semester that I took a Creative Writing elective at my university, so I was producing more writing that I wanted to be shared. At first, I was only posting once every two weeks or so, but then I decided to do the April 30 for 30 poetry challenge with a friend, so I tried to post every day during the month of April – and was largely successful!

Q. How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?
Since the 30 for 30 challenge ended, I’ve been posting at a somewhat less prolific rate, but I still try to get four or five posts in a week. My posting schedule varies wildly depending on how busy I am. I try to update my followers on what’s going on in my life, since I think I’m at a pretty unique and interesting stage of life (that is, just beginning full-fledged adulthood). That means any time I get an update on what’s changing in my life (job offers, etc.) I share with my followers. I did an update every day a week or so ago when I went to this really interesting Plant Biosecurity workshop because I thought it was really cool and wanted to share some of what I learned with my followers, and that got a much better response than I expected!

Q. What do you do in your spare time?
These days, my spare time is spent mostly applying to jobs, since I am desperately trying to avoid moving back in with my parents. If I’m not doing that, I’m either at the gym, out in the woods, or hanging out with friends – after all, I’m not going to get to see them much after we all get jobs and move away!
Q. Would you encourage other people to start their blog?
I would absolutely encourage other people to start their blog! It’s an amazing creative outlet for me at least, and it’s played a big role in encouraging me to grow as a writer by branching out and writing more often. Some of my favorite pieces that I’ve written wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t started my blog.
Q. Is Blogging your profession or just a hobby?
Blogging is just a hobby for me, but one that’s a great creative outlet for me and one that helps me work through a lot of my personal problems.
Q. What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?
Engaging with the WordPress community. There are some awesome bloggers out there, and going out and reading other peoples’ blogs, leaving comments, likes or follows, often gets them to reciprocate and check out your blog too. I now have several “Wordpress friends” who I only ever interact with in the comments section, but I think they’re really cool and I love reading their writing and hearing what they think of mine!
Q. Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?
Honestly, I just want to keep my blog running. I’ve only been actively blogging for a few months now, and I don’t want to let that end because life gets in the way or I lose motivation! It may not be realistic for me to post five times a week, but two or three isn’t too much to ask, and I’d like to just stick with it.a

thanks dude for your time.

Answer this question to be interviewed!!

Can you just answer this question to be interviewed by me?

who is the first person to enter space?

Only first five people will be interviewed!!! and if you can’t make it wait for the next week.

A blog with a cause : by Naiem Ur Rehman

I loved reading the blog from Naiem Ur Rehman

His words are wise and his writings really makes on inspired, he has a good quality content making people comfortable with his words.

He takes us through all walks of life and pens down about the pains and social issues. He has the sense of humanity more on his words and really a pleasure reading.

I would like to give 4.7/5 rating, with the reason of being I am a poet and I would expect him to write more on that genre!

Happy blogging friend!

Like Me, I will follow you.


Let it be a lie,

Nor it be a fake,

Like me, I will follow you.

This is the way to get more readers and likes

Ok, let me tell you this secret if you have not been told before. How to get more audience? How to get some comments? How to get more likes?

No, I don’t bother of all these. Well, that’s fine.
For the people who really wants the world to read their work and who don’t write personal diary on WordPress, I have something to share.
These techniques worked well for me, and I hope this will help you too.

1. If you want someone to read your work, you read other’s work as well and comment on them.
2. Don’t write something that depress others.
3. Don’t write more than few hundred words. I don’t like to read a 1000+ words of post.
4. Always write as a reader.

Enough for today,will share more ideas in next post.