Long Lusted Love

Embraced with  your hair,

Feeling warmth of my air,

You asked for more love!


Lipsticks etched slowly,

Encrusted onto thee,

Warmth of your kisses.

Play in Play

Playing the music on the bed,

Your hair,the strings of the guitar,

Before the play.

Quench the thirst


You came as fresh air,
Wind flowing past your hair,
Your scent stimulates senses,
I long for the poetry in your path,
We are in long distance apart,
When you come near,
I shall bow head on your chest,
Let me make a rest as sweet,
We gonna make a feast,
And will quench our thirst.

The spiritual search

We are searching ourselves,
Entwining heart and soul,
Intertwining body and desires,
Interlacing fingers and feet,
Laying as a plait,
Weaving the cold and heat,
We are searching ourselves,

Till the morning sun light,
Beaming into the cot,
We are searching ourselves.

Souls are talking

Skins fused as moistened particles,

Numbed as souls immerse each,

Heart beats the cosmic rhythm,

Sinking deep into the cosmos,

Of exploring the life in space,

We know not if we,

Plant the new life,Or,

Already found a new one,

Still we are taking the space walk,

On the inner walls of the delicates,

An orgasmic travel of a new beginning.

Save the nails

Save thy mighty finger nails,

and tune the love anthem every night,

the plectrum of my spinal cord.

Winter love

Winter exploded the hidden
Summer under bottom of our heart,
Till the bed burned into ashes.

Nailed as we are entwined

The crush of our skins,
makes me arouse to the sky,
Let the blood flows in veins,
The smell of your hair,
makes me fly in air,
The fingers caress as rails,
speak the vulgar in nails,
the hugs and deep kisses,
reminds me the thousand roses,
you are a lovely art,
always in my heart.