His Raving Eyes – a duet

This is my first duet with ritikapeace an amazing poet and a writer.
Thanks ritikapeace for your time.

The gasps in his eyes
Were blinking in deep.
Whirls in the brain,
Storming the carmines,

Your beauty of wine,
Drowning deep me in thoughts,
Like a soaked honey date,
Sweetening my tongue to red.

My eyes checking you
Hope you don’t recognise.
Oh! do.
The reflectors near porch
Don’t show my side eyes.
Oh! do.

I glide my eyes through you,
Letting it flow like a breeze,
Sigh. Oh , thee lord Brahma,
You created while dreaming beauty.

Breakthrough oh glass this strangeness
This diaphragm feeling controlled breaths
I’m getting high.
Come on now oh placidity
Ruin me up in your eyes
I’m getting now high.

The Business behind the Miss Universe

Miss Universe!!

Whao..beautiful angels  walking on the crest of the earth! Splendid lights, sparkling lips, glittering skins, gleaming eyes, oh yea!

Everyone struggles to get that title of Miss Universe or Miss world and are  they really awarded? and all of them are eligible?

What is the business behind this so called title?

We will take the known story of Indian Miss Universe and Miss world winners.

From the time span of 1994 – 2000, 6 of Indian girls were selected as Miss Universe (2) and Miss World(4). After the year of 2000 none of the indian girls were selected either as Miss universe or Miss world. And none of them reached the top 20 list.

The list of the Indian winners here.

Why none of the Indian girls were selected after 2000? Are there no beautiful and powerful womanhood in the American girls? Are the UK girls not beautiful rather?

Are there no Cleopatras in Egypt? Rome has lost her beautiful daughters?

The European girls are not the most beautiful girls on the earth??????

Miss Universe or Miss world is nothing a business of conglomerates of the international cosmetics. Oh well,. How?

In the late 90s all the Indian girls were selected and used for advertising their cosmetic products giving the hope to every Indian girl that one day she would become a Miss U  or Miss W. Now the whole of Indian market is occupied with international cosmetic products and there is no need of advertising.

And they don’t need either in Americas or European market!!! Targeting the Asian market now ! huh….

Africa you will be the last one to get the chance!! till then wait for it!!!!


What you guys think of it , share with me!!!




Acid Rain

How to strip the nature?
Man found the answer, emitted harmful gases,
Erasing every layer of skin.